Software developers, writers, and other creative professionals want to maximize office productivity when they are in “the zone”, which some refer to as a state of mind that others refer to as “flow”. Everyone can maximize their ability to flow, with zero distractions. Sharing a workspace, be it a coffee shop or coworking space, can present a problem. Here are some tips to help you protect your space and maximize your productivity.

1. To Minimize The Chance Of Hearing Interruptions, Wear Headphones

Some people prefer silence for office productivity and can use noise-canceling headphones. Some prefer music without lyrics, while others enjoy the buzzing sounds of a cafe. Ipods or other MP3 players are great options for those who prefer the quiet of a cafe. Make a playlist that you can play whenever you need to drown out the noise. 

2. Choose A Space That You Are Able To Occupy For A While

You will be able to feel relaxed and in control, if you choose a place that you can work at for a long time. Nothing is worse than getting into the zone and being interrupted by someone asking for your move or making a purchase. Coworking spaces offer the security of knowing you won’t have to move or be interrupted for food or drinks. Choose a cafe that is more relaxed if you prefer to work there. Bonus: spots that are not in the traffic line are less likely to be stolen.

3. Choose A Place That Is Comfortable

Nothing is worse than being in the zone and then realizing you’re freezing every time someone opens the doors or sweating through your shirt! We can’t stay in the flow if we start to think about how uncomfortable it is. Posture is also important. It doesn’t matter if you are at work, home, or somewhere else, ergonomics is important. You should use a comfortable chair, and your desk/table and be at a comfortable height if you will be sitting. If you plan to stand, ensure you have somewhere to rest your neck and wrists between the stands. Laptops are not ergonomically friendly. Many companies make beautiful laptop stands.

4. You Can Disable Email, Slack, And Other IM Notifications.

One of the most flattering compliments you can receive as a manager is “You were the greatest project manager I’ve ever had.” What was it that made me so great? the team learned how to avoid distractions. They had a time protector for the first time in company history and in this developer’s career. This was to keep last-minute meetings from happening and to not IM them during a coding session to ask later. You might be thinking “I wish I could have a time protector.” You can make your time protector. You can personalize your notifications. When you want to be part of the flow, turn off your email, Slack, or other IM notifications. Encourage your remote team members to do the same. You can use the Pomodoro Technique as a break between your work sessions.

5. Work From A Signature Workspace

The environment we work in has a huge impact on our productivity. Remote workers can use an office space by Signature Workspace to increase their productivity and find the right place for them. It saves time and reduces interference. Search for and filter coworking spaces by noise and busyness, seating options, and other ambiance variables. What type of space do you need? Contact us!