You’ll be surprised at how many offices look the same. They all have the same general design, which includes neutral color schemes for cubicles, private offices, conference rooms, and perhaps a break area. Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between one workplace and another. This is why attention to detail in the workplace is so important.

However, forward-thinking companies that create a welcoming and inspiring rentable workplace know that the details are what make the difference. Designers can transform an office that isn’t inspiring into a dynamic workplace where people love coming.

First, looks matter when it comes down to impressing potential talent or clients that visit an office. Workers thrive in comfortable workspaces, which offer places for them to work, relax, and have appealing designs.

Signature Workspace partners can offer their employees key design details to set their workplaces apart. Zoom in and take a tour to see some of the thoughtful elements found in different Signature Workspace locations.

A window to your work soul

Some coworking offices don’t have enough natural light and windows. This is an important attention to detail in the workplace that can’t be forgotten. Signature Workspace has plenty of them–and they are beautiful. The original structure of the building actually includes the stained glass arches. This unique design features a classic architectural element and high ceilings.

Brightened-up commons

It can be difficult to add natural light to areas that don’t have windows. Signature Workspace in Tampa discovered a way to do this–by looking upward. Skylights allow natural light to flood the ceiling, which allows for a lot of natural light. It almost feels like a rooftop café.

A place for mantra-filled meetings

Sometimes a change in seating can be the perfect thing to spark your creativity. These booths, which look like a diner, are ideal for informal meetings or when you need to think of a new idea. They are even more powerful because of the bright yellow color scheme and motivational word art that hangs in each booth.

A little bit of green

The beauty of greenery at work can go beyond its aesthetic appeal. It can also help workers become 15% more productive and improve their health through the increase in carbon dioxide. 

Functional furnishings

Some organizations find it difficult to maximize every square foot without cluttering the space. This is why attention to detail in the workplace, especially furniture, is so important. 

Laid-back lounge

Staff can be more productive if they know there is a place to rest and recharge in the office. The soft seating at Signature Workspace is ideal for group or solo meetings, and even a nap. It encourages workers to relax and take a break from their work.

Choose Signature Workspace

Signature Workspace, owned and operated by Cantor Fund Management, offers services and amenities such as private/ traditional/ studio offices, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more. Locations ranging from offices in Tampa on Dale Mabry and Northdale and one office in Clearwater offer great physical office space amenities. Contact Signature Workspace for more information on our offices and see all of our attention to detail in the workplace that we have put into our spaces today and check out our 5-star reviews!