A Look at The Best Office Space in Tampa

Every business needs proper office space in order to run efficiently. For many businesses that are just starting up this office space often takes up room inside a home, a basement, or garage. When a business owner has finally built something that is stable enough to carry its own office space, sometimes it can be overwhelming to face the costs of signing on for a year-long lease, outfitting and office space for rent, and managing all of the services that are required to run out of a location. Getting access to an office space early on and without the need to spend on all of the startup costs can make sure that any business is able to get off the ground faster. Having access to an all in one office space that is ready to go is a great way to help you hit the ground running. If you are looking to access an office space to impress prospective customers, improve your work-life balance and have a better spot for collaboration and meeting throughout the greater Tampa area, consider Signature Workspace, the best office space in Tampa!

The Location

Signature Workspaces has three convenient locations that you can rent out of in Tampa. Giving your employees access to these prestigious locations and the convenience of a short commute will make sure that there can be lots of collaboration with nearby businesses and a location that can help you truly impress clients. Signature Workspace is also built with the full amenities that you need to conduct meetings, receive mail, answer phones, and more. 

Having Flexibility in Your Budget

With Signature Workspace, you can have the ultimate flexibility with the option to rent out spaces by the month, by the hour, and by the week. You can get access to the office spaces and the amenities that you need without having to pay a large rental deposit or sign on for a full year lease. Setting up your office space is as simple as paying the rental cost for the amount of time that you would want to access the space.

When you consider the average cost of a year lease sits at around $22.83/ Sq Ft, you could be facing $13,693 in costs to rent a 600 sq ft office for the year. With a standard commercial lease, you could be paying these costs upfront as a deposit on top of what you may need to pay for furniture, painting the office, and outfitting the office with technology. A flexible monthly fee or an hourly fee for all of these costs for your business can be far more efficient and inexpensive. You can keep more of your budget in your business to direct it at marketing, expansion, and improvements!

The Size and Space

Signature Workspace can give you access to the space you need for your employees as your workforce expands. When choosing our office space, you can have access to the amenities you need for each employee, holding meetings, private offices, and more. When you consider that the average employee requires roughly 70 sq ft of office space that is well maintained, you may need to change the conditions of your lease within a few months if your company expands. With a coworking space, you can double your workforce within a month and simply pay for the added space that you need to expand your company. 

Proper Office Infrastructure

Rather than having to outfit your office with access to fiber internet, multimedia meeting spaces, or call forwarding with an answering service, Signature Workspaces come with all these amenities and more. Items like printers, phones, and networking are all maintained by in-house IT professionals. You will also have access to a dedicated postal address and complete mail forwarding for your business too. With Signature Workspace, you will have access to all of this under your monthly or daily office fees. 

The Best in Branding and Style

One of the reasons many businesses avoid coworking spaces is a lack of customization and branding for their company. Signature Workspaces offer the ability to include your own logos and signage for any rental and add personal branding to space. The location is decorated with modern furniture and décor and designed to work well with businesses in many industries. You don’t need to build out a complete office to feel like you are at home, you can create a branded experience even in a coworking setting

If you are interested in working at the best office space in Tampa, contact us today!