If you’re in the early days of your company it is possible that you are exploring the option of choosing a virtual office space. Virtual office space can be extremely advantageous for many entrepreneurs and startups but one thing that you could be wondering is whether or not you’ll be able to use a virtual office for company registration. 

It is advantageous to choose a virtual office space at the beginning because you will also be able to register your business in a cost-effective manner. A virtual office as a registered office is one of the most cost-effective solutions for a limited liability company or LLP. As many virtual offices are located in prestigious locations it’s a great way to set up a respectable corporate image from the beginning while still keeping a home address. 

For entrepreneurs, a virtual office is also advantageous for privacy. Choosing a virtual office as a startup entrepreneur can provide you with a massive number of advantages when you do not have to register your company under your home address. As any company registration is under the public domain, it might be possible for somebody to find out more about your personal address or a variety of other information about you by choosing to register with a home address. 

Most small businesses also feel as though they need a business mailing address and some form of mail service in order to manage their ongoing business needs. A permanent office space with a physical address and e-mail service can be an easier method for starting up a business and making sure that your needs are taken care of in the early stages. 

The reason that you can register for a business using a virtual business address is because the only designations that are required for a registered office business include that the business is in a position to receive correspondence that an address, the address does not include a PO Box and that it’s a true street address and that the business has written consent from the owner to receive mail at the address. 

Any virtual office space can be registered as an office as long as the virtual office space delivers these permissions. It’s also likely that you could speak to other businesses registered to the address or entrepreneurs that got started at the address to find out more on whether the business was professionally registered under the location. 

If you’re interested in registering your business and you’d like to make sure that you want to find the perfect virtual office there are some excellent options to seek out in one of these locations. Be sure to look for these qualities before registering your business to a virtual office:

The Location

A prestigious location can instantly catapult your business into success. The legitimacy of a location and a virtual office space that’s running for at least five years to make sure that you have a space that is going to be trustworthy and respected. 

Confirm The Other Businesses That Work In The Area

It’s unlikely that you would want your business associated with a competitor or an industry that goes against your brand. If a competitor is working at the same co-working space it might be wise for you to consider choosing a different building so that it can be less confusing for your customers. 

SEO Rankings

be sure to Google the street address and consider a location that has greater search engine listings. A location that has many businesses running out of it or a large-scale building with a prestigious search engine value can be highly beneficial as a launching point for your business. 

Extra Services

The best virtual office spaces will be able to offer you extra services like a digital answering service, receptionists, mail services, and more. These types of improvements can deliver extra value for the costs associated with your rental. 

If you are considering a virtual office for company registration, consider some of these top points and more moving forward. If you would like to learn more contact us today!