Any workplace will require cleaning and a team effort for cleaning in order to make sure that it can be safer for everyone. Germs are inescapable especially in high-touch areas throughout an office. Germs can persist on your skin, in the air, and on surfaces throughout the office. In places where many people are passing through or in desk areas that people commonly share, hotspots for germs can occur. If you know how to recognize these hotspots and do a quick clean before you access them, you can work at staying safer in a coworking space and keep down germs and bacteria for your coworkers too. In this article, we will talk about cleanliness tips as you cowork.

Shared Desk Spaces

Coworking spaces often have shared desks whether it is in larger collaborative areas or in areas like a conference room. Desks often contain the highest amount of germs you will find in a coworking space and this is because people are accessing them more frequently. A desk can carry 400x more germs than a toilet seat and shared desks are some of the worst culprits. Make sure that you are keeping antibacterial wipes or a spray-on hand to regularly sanitize the high-touch areas across your desk. If you share a mouse, keyboard, or headset, clean it off before you start work each day. This is one of many very important cleanliness tips.

Sharing pens can also be a big aspect of sharing germs. Pens and other writing materials that sit on a desk or get shared can also lead to germs being shared too. Think about all of the people you see chewing on pens or fidgeting with them all day. When you touch or borrow another pen, consider the amount that it has been touched. Be sure to bring in your own pens or sanitize a pen before using it.

Your Lunch Pail or Backpack

If you regularly bring your lunch to work or carry a backpack, it can fill up with germs quickly. The bugs and bacteria that build up in your backpack can often make your home a breeding ground for bacteria. Bags will pick up bacteria wherever they are dropped at work at this can include bathroom floors, entrance ways, and more. Make sure you are washing your bag every week or taking an antibacterial cloth to your lunch once every few days to cut down on the bacteria you are taking home. 

Cleaning The Fridge

Many coworking spaces will give people access to kitchen setups. These kitchens and fridges will need regular cleaning to prevent bacteria from building up. Regularly accessing a company fridge that is not kept clean could put you at risk for food poisoning, listeria, and more. Make sure that you are able to keep an eye on the fridge temperature in your coworking space and if nobody appears to be cleaning the fridge regularly, you should take steps to keep it looking clean. 

Printers And Office Supplies

You might be surprised how much bacteria can build up around a printer area. If you are regularly using a printer to fax or make copies, it might shock you to know the number of people that have touched the screen each day. Germs can quickly make their way from a printer to your hands and then make you sick. Get out your antibacterial gel or sanitize the screen before you start to print or use your printer at work. 

Keep in mind that most modern coworking spaces will come with regular cleaning as part of your membership fee. What is most important is that you are also working to keep your space clean and working to protect yourself from germs by practicing these cleanliness tips. Even with daily cleaning, due to the volume of people working in a coworking space, it is always best to protect yourself from potential hazards. If you are interested in scheduling a tour of our co-working spaces, contact us today!