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We have seen that remote work is possible with the help of technology today, as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now a hybrid office working model is sought after by workers to keep a balanced home to work life ratio to cut costs on items such as gas, lunch outings, etc.

Businesses are looking at their next steps as they restructure their work arrangements in light of the opening of more countries to the endemic stage. It is possible that we will all return to work in the office. Many of us are familiar with remote working and there are many advantages to it. This is actually the direction that the future of work is headed. There are many benefits to working in an office. This might be a better option for your team.

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Should You Just Choose One?

This is a question every business owner must face in the near future. With restrictions decreasing, which work arrangement should you choose? Full-time Office? Remote-work? Or you can combine both with a hybrid office working model.

We’re here to help you answer this question. This article will discuss the pros and cons associated with different hybrid office working model arrangements.

Full Office


1. Interaction is more common

One thing that working remotely does not offer is interaction and engagement between colleagues at work. It’s easier to work face-to-face than remote working, where everyone meets via text or phone. Interaction is a key factor in job satisfaction. Good collaboration relationships and communication methods can help reduce frustration and miscommunication. When discussing sensitive issues, face-to-face interaction can be very beneficial. Face-to-face interaction can also create a sense of belonging that can lead to increased productivity.

2. Better time managementhybrid office working model

The office is a good place to work. It helps you distinguish between your personal and professional lives. You are done with the day when you leave your office. This boundary is essential to keep work-life balance. It can be hard to do when you work completely from home.

3. Company culture

It is easier to host events and bonding activities in a physical space that allows for a better company culture. This makes it easier to build relationships between colleagues and peers than when you work remotely. According to Deloitte, 94 percent of executives and 88% employees believe that a distinctive workplace culture is essential for business success. You can see that fostering company culture in an office setting is a huge improvement.


1. Commuting costs and time

If you don’t live near the office, most of your day will be spent driving to it. You don’t even have to consider transportation and parking costs. (Unless it is covered by you company).

2. Maintaining a home is expensive

If you own a business, the cost of renting office space is something to think about. You will need to rent the space but also maintain it and make sure your employees have the equipment they require. This will increase your expenditure. It all depends on your priorities and whether you actually require physical space to do your work.

3. Avoid distractions

Your colleagues will undoubtedly approach you while you’re at work. Face-to-face communication is usually easier and faster than email. This could easily be taken as a given if you don’t establish clear boundaries with your coworkers. This is why people prefer to work remotely. According to a survey done by Flexjobs 68% of workers said that working remotely increased their productivity due to less distractions.

Full remote/Work from home


1. Reduce commute time

Remote-working is a blessing. Many people have said that it saves them time and money. This allows you to have more time for rest and work, as well as extra time to complete your day. This also applies to you if you are the primary caregiver for your family.

2. Flexibility at work

Remote-working has many great benefits. You can work from the comfort of your home. Remote-working allows you to work wherever you like, making it a great option for avid travelers. Flexible work environments are a key value for employees, particularly millennials ( CBRE).

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3. Productivity increases

Surprisingly statistics show that remote work increases productivity over working in an office. According to Mercer’s survey, 94% said that their employees were more productive since they started working remotely. There are many factors that contribute to better productivity, including less distractions, less stress, and more time for other commitments.


1. Overworking and isolation are not good ideas

Many people mention that working from home can lead to overwork. It can be difficult to tell the difference between your work and personal lives when your home and workplace are in the same location. This is a major problem for remote workers ( Buffer). If left untreated, it can have a negative impact on your mental health.

2. Cyber-security is weakhybrid office working model

This is especially true for sensitive work. Remote work is not advisable as confidential data could easily be lost if it’s not protected. Additionally, confidential discussions over video calls can be more secure than meetings in person. Cyberattacks can be made by video calling platforms, such as eg. Zoom was able to prevent a cyber-security breach in 2020.

3. It is difficult to monitor performance

Remote work means that physical interaction with employees is less common. Employers need to reconsider how they evaluate their employees’ performance and what criteria to use. It can be difficult to keep track of employee performance without the right tools.

Hybrid Office Working Model


1. Balance is the best of both worlds.

We’ve seen that both remote-work and returning to work have their benefits. The hybrid office working model allows you to take advantage of the advantages of both work arrangements.

2. Flexibility

In recent years, flexibility has been one of the most desired benefits for employees. According to Ernst & Young, 54% of employees would prefer flexibility when it comes to where they work. They have the freedom to choose where to work, and the ability to return to the office whenever they wish. This is useful when there are situations in which you need to work in an office but can do a lot of your work from home.


1. Scheduling

To keep up with who will be at work and who will be home, it is necessary to have scheduling or rostering in place. It can be difficult to implement this, especially if you have many employees. The administration of the scheduling can be difficult and time-consuming.

2. It is not easy to implement

You must plan for workplaces. Not only in terms of scheduling but also ensure that all members of your company are present and communicate effectively.

How We Can Help

Although it may seem daunting, we are here for you! Signature Workspace assists businesses in implementing hybrid office working model. It also enhances communication within an organization.hybrid office working model

Our top features include:

  • Sharing office booking: This allows companies to optimize their real estate costs and share desks between employees.
  • Weekly team planning: To show your coworkers where you plan to work each week and give them more visibility
  • Ability to check-in while you work and share your presence with others.
  • Integrations with existing collaboration tools such as Slack, MS Teams and HR systems.
  • Flexible space available upon request

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