Coworking is quickly taking over the office space industry and making a huge impact on the professional world. Everyone from large corporations to the smallest of start-up companies is utilizing coworking to help scale their businesses and control costs at a level never seen before! However, since coworking is still a new trend, there are some common questions that some interested professionals and entrepreneurs want to have answered before they pull the trigger and move their operations forward into coworking opportunities. One of these common questions is simple: who uses coworking spaces?

One of the most touted benefits of coworking is the ability to market yourself or your operation by interacting with a vibrant community on a daily basis. Rather than stay stuck in a traditional office lease situation, coworking opportunities allow small businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to interact with a variety of other businesses, leading to high-quality networking opportunities. Some prospective coworkers would like to know what businesses are populating these spaces so that they can better prepare for the networking opportunities unique to coworking; the coworking professionals at Signature Workspace have decided to help shine a light on what businesses are using coworking spots the most!


Freelancers say an entrepreneurial marketing consultant, make up a huge portion of the coworking crowd. Coworking environments have everything that a freelancer could ask for in an office situation – great prices, free exposure, networking opportunities, and marketing all combined in a low price monthly package! Coworking is perfect for helping freelancers find and secure more work, exposing their business to other professionals, and helping them save on costs!


Startups represent over ¼ of the coworking population; similar to freelancers, startups benefit immensely from the cost savings and flexibility that coworking leases provide! In addition to the benefits listed for freelancers, startups also benefit greatly from the scalability that comes with using a coworking space. Startups can either succeed greatly or tank and plummet to the ground, a skillful owner needs to be ready for either. Flexible coworking leases make adding or dropping space easy, so if you scale upwards and add more employees, you can just expand your desk space! The same goes for scaling down; coworking leases offer an uncontested option for scaling your business!

Remote Workers

Larger companies and corporations can also get cost savings out of coworking leases; by delegating a portion of your workforce that can work away from your main HQ, you can save a huge amount of money in the long run! By moving these portions into a flexible office space, you can cut costs on your larger, more expensive traditional office lease! Remote workers usually have smaller commutes, tend to be happier, and accumulate burnout slower than traditional employees! Corporations from all industries are leveraging the benefits of flexible office spaces to set up remote worker forces!

These three examples of workforces that can utilize coworking spaces are just the tip of the iceberg, hundreds of thousands of employees have experienced the benefits of coworking situations. Coworking has spread quickly across the globe and it shows no signs of slowing down in the future. If you have any questions about utilizing coworking right here in Tampa Bay, contact us today for more information!