It seems that the flexible office space is on the rise and many more employees are looking towards reliable ways that they can enjoy a close working space that is extremely flexible for them to visit. The modern office world is all about skill sets and collaborative environments. Based on the 2021 Mercer global talent trends surveys, many organizations are interested in reskilling and upskilling for the year. One of the best ways to do this is in a collaborative and flexible working environment. Transforming the workplace and having the option to collaborate with more freelancers or more people in your local area can often mean using a flexible space Oracle working location. During the pandemic, there are many businesses that we’re able to fuel their transformation through new organizational structure changes as well as new training. 

Many businesses also begin working on flexible workspaces for convenience and distance with their employees. There is less resistance in organizational structure changes and it’s brought on many new insights and solutions for companies and their talent ecosystem. Many companies have found that they’ll be able to find the talent that they need in co-working spaces much faster than they would have to re-skill or retrain employees directly. Companies that are taking inventory of their workforce and finding new ways that they can scale quickly are able to stand the test of time even throughout the challenges of COVID 19. 

This survey showed that a series of organizations are working on improving their most important skills and obtaining more collaborative workspace environments. Workspaces are focusing more on empathetic management, delivering adaptive mindsets as well as organizing so that employees can feel more comfortable and secure in their workplace environments.

The way that we work is changing the way that organizations are supporting us is changing as well. Finding more agile ways to work in more collaborative ways that we can work in a business environment will keep businesses ahead of the competition and ensure that they are always ready to adapt to the newest skills in the marketplace. Working in a co-working facility can give you the ultimate flexibility and adaptability for your company. You’ll be able to constantly stay ahead of the competition and value the skills in your environment as a new commodity. 

The workforce does not want to return to the office full-time either. This is one of the greatest takeaways many professionals are making when they have adapted their day-to-day operations at work. Many people are discovering that they can work from virtually anywhere, especially with the help of cloud technology. Having a flexible workspace can cut down on the real estate footprint of many corporations, lead to cost savings as well as improved flexibility for the workers that they employ. Surveys from Accenture CAN found that 79% of nearly 10,000 respondents did not want to return to their traditional office after COVID19. Office-based workers enjoy the added flexibility with their hours as well as the improved flexibility of working outside of the office. Office-based workers, as well as consumer industry leaders, are seeking solutions where they can work from multiple locations. A hybrid model for many businesses is opening up and the outcome of these transitions could transform the face of many companies. 

If you would be interested in seeking out opportunities to join into a flexible office space or to find out if coworking would be a good idea for your company, contact us today and we can let you know more about our facility and how we can offer you a greater level of flexibility in your day-to-day operations. You can adapt and enjoy an uptick in skill throughout your work environment with us.