CoWorking is the Biggest Success Factor for Freelancers

If you are working as a freelance professional, you may find yourself living on a bit of an island. It’s hard to feel actively engaged in the business community as a freelancer unless you regularly meet with businesses and ensure you are constantly networking. With around 20% of people in the workforce now considered freelancers, there is steep competition in the market. Many freelancers start to pick up work as a part-time gig or use their skills of the side hustle before they go full-time. The big success factor that is beginning to separate part-time freelancers from full-time are the freelancers that are willing to dedicate themselves and join a shared office space.

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A coworking space can have a massive improvement on the workplace culture for someone who identifies as a freelancer. Freelancers will finally have the option to work independently and network with other individuals while at work. A coworking space also makes sure that freelancers have access to a dedicated work space to really put themselves in the mindset for a productive workday. 

Here are some of the largest advantages that freelancers are experiencing after working in a coworking environment:

Avoiding procrastination:

Coworking spaces can often be a massive deterrent to some of the procrastination freelancers might take on at home. Having to travel to work and have a dedicated desk can give freelancers a much greater sense of discipline. Seeing other freelancers’ motivation also creates a sense of community and dedication. Many freelancers who have worked in coworking spaces have discovered that they spend less time on Facebook, they don’t spend time throughout the day running errands, and when they sit down at their desks there focus entirely on furthering their business rather than letting their mind drift. 

Getting better work and life balance:

Work-at-home freelance professionals often find that it’s tough to find a balance in their lifestyle. It’s hard to establish a routine for work and life, but when a coworking space is involved, then someone can switch to a 9-to-5 routine, it starts to feel more like there is a certain degree of control over their day. Having set hours for work will make sure that a freelancer doesn’t feel like they’re working 24 hours a day and also ensures that the time that they’re spending at home is better directed towards sleep, recreation, and even just housework tasks that are tending to take on during the workday and at home. 

You can seek help:

A freelancer often feels like they have to be a superhero when faced with a major product. Work can build up quickly, especially when you are managing several clients. When working in a collaborative community like a coworking space, it’s possible to find similar freelancers that you could work with to outsource aspects of a task. It’s also possible to bounce ideas off of other freelancers on some methods that you could use for efficiency. 

Avoiding distractions:

Working in a coworking space ensures that there are no distractions for your work. Working at home can be filled with distractions, whether it’s the family pet, having a guest drop by, going out to the grocery store in the middle of the day or even just turning on the TV. Avoiding distractions by having set work hours and going to a coworking space can ensure that your work can finally be done without impediments.

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It can often be tougher freelancers to have access to formal places for meetings and even a professional address for their business. Having an office space address or a conference room where you can give a presentation can mean the difference between winning a contract and losing it. Access to the professionalism of a coworking space can upgrade the caliber of the work you get awarded.

If you are a freelance professional that is interested in improving your career path, your focus and your abilities, you should strongly consider working in a coworking setting. This can be an excellent way that you can access more focus in your work, have access to conference rooms and privacy and more. If you want to make sure your freelance skills are being maximized and that you will be working to the best of your ability, a coworking space can be a portable way to have a dedicated workspace for your business. Give us a call today to take a complimentary tour of one of our several facilities!

The team at Signature WorkspaceCoWorking for Freelancers

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