You’re likely to find innovation or entrepreneurship in any company’s value statements. Employees are attracted to being “entrepreneurial”. An entrepreneur workspace with Signature Workspace can create an invoking atmosphere for entrepreneurs to flourish.

However, what companies really want is intrapreneurs. These employees behave like entrepreneurs while working in large organizations.

This is not a characteristic that’s common, so it’s important you know what to look out for. Once you have identified the intrapreneurs within your team, you can help them do their best work.

Employees who act like entrepreneurs while working in large organizations are called Intrapreneurs and what they need is an entrepreneur workspace

Innovation And Intrapreneurs: Why It Matters For Your Company

Employees who are intrapreneurs have an entrepreneurial spirit. They value innovation and new ideas. Entrepreneurial spirit refers to a mindset that encourages people to think outside the box, take risks and create innovative solutions that will benefit their organizations and teams.

This is what matters most for a company. Companies that support innovation and intrapreneurs are more likely to succeed.

  • Create new products and services to meet market demands.
  • Keep ahead of your competition by anticipating changes or challenges.
  • Create an environment that is exciting and fast-paced where employees are valued for their skills and knowledge.
  • Increase and expand faster through innovation and creative problem-solving.

Your business will succeed if you value intrapreneurs as well as innovation within your team. It is important to know who your intrapreneurs are and how you can support them.

The entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset that allows people to think outside of the box, take risks, and create new or innovative solutions that benefit their teams and organizations.

Four Characteristics of an Intrapreneur

You can identify intrapreneurs by defining their characteristics. There are many common traits that intrapreneurs share, beyond being creative and innovative.

Continuously learning

Intrapreneurs will be sponges of knowledge and will take the initiative to improve their skills. They may sign up for online classes, seek mentorship, and read a lot. Intrapreneurs love to learn new things and to apply them to their work. An intrapreneur is always listening to podcasts or watching new things. Even Netflix movies can be helpful to build a better business.

Talk up at meetings

They’re likely to have already thought of solutions and ideas before the meeting so they will use this opportunity to speak up. They are likely to be the ones leading the charge and rallying people behind new ideas. There are many ways to make your next Zoom meeting more fun, but it is the intrapreneur that will come up with ideas and rally others to get involved.

Ask lots of questions

Intrapreneurs in an entrepreneur workspace are naturally curious and will ask questions such as, “Why do we do it this way?” Or what are the advantages of A and B?

They should be focusing on the things they are interested in

They might be working on a side-project or staying up late to finish a task. They can be focused and productive when they are engaged in the work and creating new things.

Other characteristics of an intrapreneur include creativity, leadership, risk-taking and passion.

Intrapreneurs might also display classic entrepreneur tendencies such as starting a side business outside of work hours.

Some other intrapreneur characteristics might include leadership, creativity, risk-taking, and passion.

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