It’s estimated that anxiety and depression cost the average business thousands of dollars in lost productivity wages each year. Finding a better way for your business to work in a way that you can improve employee mental health can be crucial to maximizing these lost hours as well as making sure that employee morale remains high. Working in co-working environments is actually showing some quality results when it comes to reducing employee burnout and maximizing morale.

It’s likely that we’re all familiar with some of the main quick fixes that businesses are using to cope with burnout. You may have seen a flyer up about an idea of mindfulness or a company starting to bring in a regular yoga teacher to break up some of the office grinds. By eliminating some of the cycle and routine in a business it’s possible to work at temporarily breaking up burnout in the workspace. What many behavioral psychologists are discovering in a Harvard business review study is that workplace stress can also be blamed on the business community. 

Workplace stress currently accounts for nearly $190 billion in US healthcare spending each year. The world health organization officially recognizes workplace burnout as a phenomenon that deserves an international classification of disease or ICD 11 classification. A poor working environment and employee morale is also responsible for nearly 120,000 deaths throughout multiple industries in the USA. Depression and anxiety can often be the cause of a higher turnover, lower productivity, and higher health care costs for employee benefits. 

Establishing a better business community to make sure that employee working conditions can be massively improved. If a person regularly has to endure a long commute to an office is very likely that they will be unhappy in their work. Having a coworking space can be a far better way to minimize employee burnout and make sure that everything can be done in comfort. The shared offices can be designed to improve productivity and offer a range of spaces that can be highly beneficial for improving employee comforts. When maintenance and repairs are taken care of, it’s possible to increase the way that employees are able to access the working space. 

A coworking space can also make sure that an employee is able to commute to an area that works best for their location. Employees can work throughout multiple locations with the same resources and make sure that productivity remains high with a shorter commute. 

Shared offices are also working to promote a better sense of community. Co-working spaces that offer shared offices can make sure that there’s a welcoming environment that is also productive and encouraging of collaboration. Employees can access the private resources that they need when they are required but also have access to highly productive and collaborative co-working spaces. 

when an employee feels like they are a part of a community and they are involved in a modern office space, morale can skyrocket. The cost of making each one of these improvements for a typical business might be next to impossible but with a coworking space, it is much more possible to enjoy a quality experience with the help of a business that is regularly improving. 

Coworking spaces offer regular improvements through ongoing technology updates and a collaborative workspace that is evolving as well. Employees will always have the best in equipment and quality collaborative experiences with employees. This will lead to better efficiency and the chance that employees are going to feel more comfortable going into work. The sense of community and the improvements that a person can see in the location will make sure that there can be less stress and a series of quality experiences amongst employees of different working styles. 

If you are struggling with the idea of poor employee morale, massive amounts of sick days, and a problem with your current business environment, making the switch over to a co-working system could be highly beneficial for productivity, lowering costs, and having healthier employees over time. Making the switch to co-working doesn’t have to be a massive transition either, you can get involved with a local co-working business and pay for the number of desks that you require for your business. You could even have employees partially working from home to cut down on costs and to have a workforce that can flex in and out of a desk as required. The setup is far less labor-intensive than a complete office buildout and the system can be customized to suit the needs of employees based on their locations. Change your perspective and work at improving your employee morale today by switching over to a coworking environment. Contact us today to learn more.