You’re not the only one who has heard a lot lately about coworking. Although the idea isn’t new in itself, it is becoming more mainstream. In post-pandemic times, a coworking space for rent is becoming more popular and common.

This article will explain the basics of coworking spaces and who benefits from them. We’ll also discuss different types of coworking spaces.

What is a coworking space and how does it work?

Coworking spaces are where professionals from different companies and organizations can come together to work in a shared office, desk area or common lounge. Flexible work spaces are available to suit the needs of all workers, whether they’re remote workers or solopreneurs.

A coworking space for rent can be used by anyone, and is not rented to one company. Your coworkers might include:

  • Freelancers or independent contractors who work for themselves
  • Small businesses and start-ups that don’t have the budget for a full-sized office.
  • Remote workers and teams that wish to meet in person, or have access to office space, rather than work at home.
  • Regional offices are required by global organizations to support their local teams.
  • Existing companies that require a private space but want to save money and have more flexibility

Six Benefits to Working in a Coworking Space

You might be wondering why coworking spaces are so popular compared to traditional offices.

  1. Coworking spaces are flexible, unlike traditional office leases. Professionals and organizations don’t need to sign long-term contracts.
  2. You can also scale up or down your space as your business expands or contracts.
  3. Coworking spaces share all overhead costs and amenities, which can lead to significant cost savings.
  4. Coworking spaces can be a great option for solo professionals and small businesses. They offer a professional atmosphere that is not possible when they work from home or in a coffee shop.
  5. Coworking is a great way to keep your credibility for larger businesses and teams. You can operate out of a high-end building with a well-equipped workspace.
  6. Coworking spaces offer a sense of community, networking opportunities and the opportunity to host events.

What to Expect from a Coworking Space

You are likely to find the following in most coworking spaces:

  • Bookable meeting rooms
  • Mail services
  • Support and equipment for technology
  • Office supplies
  • Lounge or kitchen areas

Coworking spaces can be anything from private offices to office suites and dedicated or shared desks. They are flexible, so you’ll always find the best way to work for you or your colleagues.

Signature Workspace understands the importance of flexibility and offers customization for your membership to meet your specific needs.

What is the difference between a virtual office and coworking space?

Virtual offices and coworking spaces are the two most popular options for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small business owners. There is one major difference between the two: a coworking space for rent can be a physical space while a virtual office can be virtual.

For those who require administrative support but don’t have the space to do so, virtual offices are an ideal option. A virtual office allows you to get everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Virtual offices can be cost-effective and very convenient for busy professionals.

You can choose from many virtual office services:

  • Phone services such as a phone number and a handset (toll-free option, too). This allows you to avoid disclosing your personal number to customers and clients.
  • Mail and address service such as mail and package handling and forwarding options and a business address. It works in the same way as a phone number and helps you keep your professional communications separate from your personal life.
  • Access to meeting rooms or workspaces for client or team meetings You can have access for an hourly, daily or weekly basis. Evening access is also possible.

Coworking spaces will usually offer both the above and physical space that professionals can use to work. You may need both. Part-Time Packages allow you to have a private area for a portion of the week, and virtual office services for the rest.

Four Types of Coworking Space Services

There are many ways coworking spaces can look! One might look like a traditional office while others may be more modern and stylish with many unique features. These options can be tailored to different workplace requirements.

Private Offices

Private offices can be used to create your own private space. These spaces can be used by an individual or small group to provide a permanent home for their company. Private offices are available for those who want to be:

  • Only available.
  • Safe and secure
  • You can move in ready and easily

Team Suites can be used as a turnkey solution for small groups or teams. These suites are fully furnished with flexible contracts and are ideal for growing teams.


Sometimes all you need is a computer and somewhere to work.

Coworking Offers flexible, simple options that are best for solopreneurs or remote workers. If you don’t need security or access to your private office, but still want to be around others, coworking might be the right option for you. Coworking spaces offer two options:

  • Communal workspaces are open areas that allow you to sit at any open desk, table, or lounge area.
  • Dedicated desks: These desks are equipped with a storage space, a chair and a desk. However, you will be seated in centralized, open-concept workspaces. This is a middle ground between shared and private offices.

Coworking spaces are often a cheaper option than private ones. You can also meet other professionals in a coworking space for rent. You have the option of 9-to-5 or 24-7 coworking – whatever suits your needs!

Meeting rooms

A private meeting space is essential for any client meeting or team meeting. On-demand access can be granted to professional meeting spaces and you have the benefit of a secure, quiet area. These benefits include:

  • A private and quiet environment that creates a professional image for clients and teams.
  • A comfortable space that can accommodate multiple people.
  • Access to basic supplies and logistics, including tools, technology, such as A/V capabilities, phone lines, and video-conferencing equipment.

Virtual Services

The virtual services will help you grow your business while you work remotely from home. Virtual offices offer:

  • Mail and address services for professional shipping addresses.
  • Voicemail and phone services.
  • Access to meeting rooms and private offices on-demand.

What will happen to coworking spaces after a pandemic?

Post-pandemic, remote work has seen an exponential increase in popularity. Remote work is becoming more viable as organizations realize the importance of decentralizing or recognising that their needs may change as things get back to normal.

After the pandemic, it is natural to pivot to flexible office space. It suits both the needs of workers as well as companies in a workforce that has experienced a resurgence.

Coworking spaces will be available after the pandemic.

  • Remote workers looking for connection and a productive environment at work.
  • Teams that require physical space for meetings on occasion.
  • Professional services and workspace are needed by entrepreneurs.
  • Individuals who are self-employed and need a professional phone number and mailing address.

Coworking spaces offer flexible and professional working environments that have many benefits. Coworking spaces are a great choice for contract workers, remote workers, teams, established businesses and those who want to set up an office in a region. Coworking spaces offer flexibility, networking, and administrative services that allow people to do what they love best: work.

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