Are you being denied the best rates at your Co-working space? Don’t be afraid to Negotiate! Getting the best deal on Co-working spaces is a competition and all of them will offer discounted monthly rents if questioned. This article will show you how to get the best deal on Co-working spaces so you can be productive and happy at work. These are the five steps you need to make the most of your Co-working experience.

Step 1- Don’t Accept Their First Offer

Coworking spaces are about bringing in new clients. They will negotiate for you if you ask for a discount. Don’t accept what they offer, such as your monthly rate. Negotiating with Co-working companies is risk-free and a win-win situation. Get started today!

Step 2- Request Proof Of Occupancy

If you don’t have proof that other tenants of the Co-working building are paying more than your asking price, there’s no reason to negotiate. Asking a Co-working space provider to provide proof of occupancy will make them uncomfortable because Co-working companies are in the business of making their buildings look full so that they can charge higher rents.

Step 3- Ask What Discounts Other Tenants Get

If you ask, co-working spaces or any landlord will offer concessions. Although a Co-working space provider might claim that all new clients get a discount, this is false. It is a good idea to ask about the rates of other tenants in the building and how long they have been renting. It’s time for you to discuss money if people who signed up after yours are getting better rates than your proposed rate.

Step 4- Co-Working Spaces Have A Huge Turnover 

To keep their businesses afloat, co-working space providers often depend on high volumes of tenants. This means that Co-working Spaces are willing to offer reduced rates as an incentive for new customers. If you are determined to get the lowest rate, co-working companies will gladly move another client at their expense if it is good for them.

Step 5- Request Concessions From Upgrades Or Free Services

Certain co-working spaces love offering expensive add ons (like snacks) so don’t feel shy about asking for some of these extras when negotiating your monthly rent. You might also be interested in receiving discounts at special events hosted or sponsored by Co-working businesses. These are five easy steps to help you bargain with your co-working company. These tips will help you negotiate rates with your co-working company, whether you have been working in the same space for years or looking for the perfect space to house your 40-person branch office. Contact Signature Workspace today to get more tips and information on co-working spaces!