While most people prefer to work from home these days, some have returned to coworking spaces. Keeping a germ-free and clean office space can prove difficult. According to a recent survey by the Cleaning Coalition of America, 66% of employees would prefer better cleaning procedures before returning to work. This shows both the importance of cleaning the office in workers’ minds and the need for coworkers to clean up after themselves.

These are some things you can do to maintain a clean, tidy environment for your coworking space.

A Few Cleaning Guidelines

Maintaining a clean coworking office space begins with each member taking responsibility and doing their part. It is possible to establish clear cleaning guidelines for your coworkers without having to be a manager. You can also set up a schedule to allow certain people to clean surfaces and items. A communal kitchen area is a great place to display the agreed rules about what and when to clean. You might also find reminders about personal hygiene, such as hand washing or sanitizing prompts.

Proper Waste Disposal And Cleaning Products

If cleaning products are not provided by coworking space management, you will need to make sure they are always available for use. Placing waste bins in a convenient area encourages people not to allow them to accumulate around the office. An air purifier is an option as air quality can be a factor in cleanliness and health. If you don’t have an air purifier, open windows to ensure adequate ventilation.

You’ve earned yourself a break once you have established a set of clean office space and tidying protocols for coworkers. You can rest assured that you have done your best to maintain cleanliness and safety for yourself and others in your rentable meeting space

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