The Right Amount Of Floor Space

The size of your new office space for rent in Tampa is the most important factor to consider when searching for a space. Most office managers and planners plan to increase their space by 50-100% over the current size. This may not always be possible as planners and office managers may not have evaluated the space available to them in order to determine if they can add workstations or other workspaces. Planning the appropriate amount of space is difficult because it is impossible to predict the future growth of the business.

Limited Space Options

A fast-growing, developed city such as Tampa where incorporation is easy, can often have a shortage in business space. This is because space supply will often be met by many local and foreign SME’s and Multinationals during a business cycle. To find the perfect office space for rent in Tampa, one may need to look beyond traditional space hunting avenues such as property portals, newspaper listings, and traditional real estate agents. A specialist agent or solution might be the best way to find the ideal space for your business.

Rental Budget

Is the amount you’re paying justified by current market conditions? Is there a possibility of a rental revision that is either upwards or downwards at the next lease expiry? Locking yourself in a low rent for a long time or for a few more years seems like the smartest way to do this. Is it correct that all alternatives have been thoroughly considered? And if that is the right way to go? Office rent is still one of the largest running costs. This, along with manpower costs, requires serious considerations. A well-planned workspace strategy that includes leasing can help an organization save tons of money. Landlords have started to offer flexible workspace options in their property portfolio to attract new tenants and a higher lease rate.

Types Of Workspace

There are many types of workspace on the market, depending on what type of business you have. Each workspace type has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s not unusual to see large multinationals using flexible workspace or coworking space in today’s business environment. In the same way, premium-grade A office space is no longer available only to large multinationals, financial institutions, and energy companies. We have also seen significant take-up of such space from technology companies and well-capitalized startups. It is crucial that the organization chooses the right workspace. This includes not only the cost of renting it but also the culture and image of the company.

Lease Tenure

The lease term is a topic that is often disputed by top management and business owners. It all depends on whether the company is a young startup, a mature business, or at the beginning of its growth. It will be difficult for a startup that is rapidly growing to know how much headcount expansion they need 6 months or 3 months from now. For such startups, a longer-term lease than 3 years is a risky choice. Businesses should avoid leasing a traditional office space for rent in Tampa that requires a lot of investment. If you are interested in flexible space options, such as private office suites, serviced offices, and co-working spaces, it is worth looking into if your company plans to occupy premises for less than three years. Signature Workspace has affordable, perfect office spaces for rent that cater to any business owner’s taste. Long-term leases, as well as short-term leasing, are available.


Do you need a CBD address for your business? Many businesses consider it a highly desirable requirement due to its prestige, central location, easy access to amenities, and network of transportation. Not all businesses can afford to be located in the CBD. A serviced office, or co-working space, is a good option for a smaller business, such as less than 10 people. It is important to find a location that is accessible from all areas, including the CBD and city fringe. A second important requirement is whether you prefer it to be close or far from your competitors. Businesses from certain industries may prefer to be near their competitors while others will not.


A well-thought workplace design is crucial in this age of millennials. Signature Workspace is visually appealing and includes aspects that encourage innovation, flexibility, and collaboration with external partners and stakeholders. Tenants love buildings or areas that offer a wide range of amenities, such as childcare, wellness, showers, and bike parking. This is why more landlords are incorporating them into their property portfolio. These facilities are convenient for tenants and provide a healthy and holistic environment in which to work and thrive.


Do tenants have the technology features that modern buildings and workspaces have? Features such as fiber ultra-fast internet raised flooring for cabling and smart features like electronically activated Windows, high-security access turnstiles, lift accessibility. For major features such as IoT (Internet Of Things), smart desks, and big data to work properly, it is important that you have a high-tech infrastructure. These advanced technological features are now a major consideration for office space planners, as they allow for better utilization of workspace and human resources. This can result in better productivity.

There Is Room For Growth

Are you prepared to provide extra space for your business if it grows beyond its original plan? Many business owners and top managers find that such “good problems” often turn out to be nightmares, putting a lot of constraints on their manpower, logistical resources, and human resources. It is always a good idea to have a large portfolio of options and a landlord to help you choose. If a tenant needs to move out of their space, they will have plenty of options.

Are you unsure how to start your search for your new office space for rent in Tampa? Contact us today and we will set you in a great space!