Since COVID-19 first hit, there have been a number of people that have turned to flexible workspaces than ever before. Many businesses are trending towards the idea of a flexible co-working space since the pandemic, people are placing a greater emphasis on balance in the workspace and working from home. For many companies, having a flexible workspace where an employee can come into the office a few times a week or when they need to attend meetings is advantageous. Here are some of our predictions for the future of work and coworking trends in 2021.

Many trends in the office industry are moving towards decentralization and outsourcing services. This has given rise to many professionals choosing to work out of coworking spaces instead of setting up a home office. With improvements to collaboration and benefits to both employees and companies, it is likely that we are not going to see the trend of co-working spaces rise in 2021. 

More Enterprise-Level Co-Working Is On The Way

Many large companies are looking towards scalable flex workspaces for hosting their satellite offices. Based on data that was collected in Sydney, a series of co-working spaces saw a massive increase in many corporations looking towards flexible office decentralization. Choosing these spaces has made it easier for these companies to get the space they need without having to lease new office space or retrofit the offices.

We Will See More Coworking Spaces From Landlords

There are many landlords that are seeing the value of these spaces and outfitting their landholdings into these styles of offices. Many landlords have typically avoided expansion into co-working but we are beginning to see many landlords throughout the Hong Kong market outfitting their businesses to hold large enterprises and tech companies. Many landlords are realizing that they can keep more of their office space rented using these solutions and improve profits along the way.

We Will See Co-Working Spaces in More Residential Areas

There is a greater demand for co-working locations outside of the downtown core. There are many co-working spaces that are setting up close to residential areas to make it into the office more convenient for more employees. 

Occupancy Rates Are Going To Stabilize

The occupancy rates of many co-working spaces dropped considerably in the year 2020. Since more people are getting vaccinated were going to see a greater resiliency in the spaces in the future and more people moving their teams back to a remote space to work together. Many co-working spaces also matched concerns by opting for new workspace designs that allow for distanced work, improved cleaning standards, and more. 

Health First Co-Working

New brands of co-working spaces will establish better work-life balance locations. These will be coworking spaces that emphasize health by introducing items like gyms, lounge spaces, closer commutes calming colors in branding, and more. Offering improvements like standing desks and other solutions that can help employees enjoy a healthier workspace will give these co-working spaces an advantage in the market. 

More Hotels Will Open Up To Offer Co-Working Partnerships

Leading hotel brands are working with leading co-working spaces to offer more flexible work options in their properties. Rather than offering a simple business center, branded co-working spaces in hotels are set to open up throughout the year 2021 in Dubai first with Rotana Hotels and throughout the world. As business travel opens up, these new hotel partnerships will make it easier to do business while on the road.

Watch out for these top trends with coworking spaces in 2021. If you are looking for a great Co-Working space in Tampa then contact us today!