Private offices and Coworking. Both have become a very popular method for businesses to access their own space within a shared ecosystem of an office. Having access to coworking means that entrepreneurs and small scaling companies can have access to the office space that they need to grow in excellent locations across a city.

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Coworking Can Come With Many Advantages Including:

Easy startup:

With coworking, most of the expenses of running an office are covered under the monthly rental fee. Acquiring space is basically a turnkey solution. Included under the monthly rental fee is the cost of Wi-Fi, furniture, printers, couches, a new mailing address and more. Most working spaces even include cleaning, deliveries and conference spaces as well.

Better networking:

Having access to other businesses in the same building can lead to better networking. If you’re accessing coworking spaces as a freelancer or as a private company, you can start to interact with people outside of your company. This leads to better collaboration and even an exchange between your clients. Operating in a coworking space is the perfect incubator for growth because of the networking that takes place inside the office.

Much cheaper:

Each coworking tenant working in an office space works to pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee covers all of the cost of utility bills, janitorial services, renovations, décor and more. Some premium coworking spaces even include cafeteria services, lounge areas and more that are all covered under the monthly rental cost. It’s much cheaper to operate a business in a coworking space because everything is handled under one rental fee and any repairs that come up are simply done by the building manager.

Improved flexibility:

Coworking spaces offer the chance for a lease on a month-to-month basis. Business owners will only need to purchase the number of desks and office space that their business needs for day-to-day operations. Included under a coworking space monthly fee, you can have access to the conference room for a few hours each week, desks for your employees, access to lab spaces and more. Plans can adjust based on the needs of your business and to account for peak demand. The improved flexibility means that you could have access to 20 desks during a busy period for your company and then scale down to 10 desks after temporary workers have completed their tasks. This ability to scale quickly or adjust the number of people working in the office can be highly beneficial for cost savings.

Traditional office spaces also come with their own advantages:

Private offices give you the ultimate form of control when it comes to customizing your space and utilizing all of the resources. There’s no need to share when it comes to your own private office space and you can always make sure that you have access to the technology needed when it’s required or office spaces for crucial meetings. Here are some of the biggest advantages to choosing a traditional office rental.

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Low costs for small/medium business:

If you have a reasonably sized team and you’re working in a coworking space it could be possible that your monthly rent may be more expensive. In some prestigious locations for coworking spaces, you could be looking at roughly $1000 per desk for each of your employees. It might be possible to rent out an office space at 2000 Sqft for much cheaper price over the course of a full year even with your costs for furniture and startup.

Improved privacy:

Depending on the type of industry you work in, privacy could be crucial for maintaining your business. Working in a traditional office can help to eliminate some of the noise from neighbors as well as the chance that crucial data for your business isn’t intercepted in the office space.

Custom branding:

A coworking space often has a modern look but it’s very difficult for individual companies to customize the décor and branding. A coworking space may fall in line with your branding but it can sometimes be difficult to make an office space feel truly like your own. With your own rented office space, you can have a private location on Google maps, your logo prominently displayed throughout the office and your own custom décor.

Full control:

A traditional office space will give you complete control over the rules and the culture of your business. Having your own private offices could help you create a space that feels more like home. You can choose to have a dog friendly workplace, host events after hours and more.

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Signature Workspace services and amenities such as private/ traditional/ studio offices, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more. Locations ranging from offices in Tampa on Dale Mabry and Northdale and one office in Clearwater offer great physical office space amenities. Contact Signature Workspace for more information today and check out our 5-star reviews! Depending on what best suits each individual’s needs; whether its daily rates or monthly packages all customers are sure to find something suitable here as well as being able to cost effective prices compared against other competitors in the marketplace.  

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