What makes for a great workspace is an ever-changing thing. From the offices of Madison Avenue during the American advertising boom to the bean bag chair tech startups, the idea of a modern workplace is an ever-changing thing. The traditional offices filled with cubicles and stuffy desks are quickly making way for companies that are a lot more open to flexible working hours and laid-back office culture. Whether it be non-traditional desk options, air hockey tables, or offices redefining what it means to have cooperative working space, the modern office is constantly evolving. So, keeping in mind how much interior design trends have changed throughout the years and everything that we know about the psychology of human motivation and productivity, there are a few factors we can look at to create the ultimate modern workspace. So, other than trendy furniture and stand-up desks, what qualities help make for a modern workspace? 

A Splash of Color

One thing has been proven over the years: It is really hard to have a productive and motivated team in an office space. In fact, there have been plenty of studies done that show that color has a huge impact on people’s mood, whether in the office or not. So, it is no surprise that adding a splash of color can help make your office more modern and productive by boosting efficiency levels and even the overall focus of your team. There are even different benefits for different colors that you choose. For example, there are studies that show that green hues (including plants) are good for helping ease the stress of those who can easily get eyestrains, while yellow is known to help spark creativity in people and inspire optimism. What this means is adding a splash of color around the office is an easy way to inspire your office and make it a little more warm and modern. 

Lean Into The Local Flair 

One of the things about modern office spaces is that the idea of creative interiors is far more encouraged now than ever before. With this in mind, it is important for each office that looks to add some creative design or flair to their space to lean into the local flair and influences of the area. Using local culture, craftsmanship and design is a great way to increase creativity, as well as build a relationship and forge a bond between your company and its local market. 

The Community Matters

When it comes to making the best modern office, you have to keep in mind that the location of your office building matters just as much as the art and furniture that you fill it with. There are plenty of communities that are helping birth a new breed of creative space and modern office culture together into a new style of the business district. This can also help positively impact the cultural diversity of your office. 

Sustainable Space is Key

The term sustainability has become a buzzword in almost every single industry around the world in recent years, and for very good reason. It is important that your Modern workspace accepts this and takes it to heart. There is no longer any excuse for your workspace to turn a blind eye to the environmental impact that it can have. An Earth-friendly workspace is such a vital key to the success of any modern business and is something you can strive to achieve by using space that integrates the natural environment of the community with the building’s needs and uses a lot more natural or environmentally-friendly materials where possible. Looking for a great office space for rent? Contact us today!