Space that is distraction-free can be difficult to find today. There are many parents working from home, helping their kids through schoolwork, managing errands, cleaning the home, and more. All while trying to maintain day-to-day working conditions. Finding out ways to navigate hybrid learning or remote learning can be difficult. As the home is full of distractions for students, this can often lead to a loss of teaching time and lost learning. During COVID-19, there are many parents that have been working to navigate these obstacles with unique solutions. 

Coworking Spaces

Co-working can offer a distraction-free zone for remote learners. As many parents are trying to work with hybrid, remote or online classes, there are some instances of parents that have been looking towards co-working spaces to help remote learners. A co-working space delivers an inexpensive way that a child or teenager could go into a controlled environment to focus on their learning. Remote learners that find it difficult to sit in the house all day or parents that don’t have access to the right equipment for e-learning, can benefit from these solutions. Going into one of these co-working environments will give students access to high-speed Wi-Fi, spacious deck areas, meeting rooms for conferences with other learners as well as the perfect place to socialize safely for breaks and lunchtimes. 

Co-working spaces have been ideal for college students to meet with their learning groups away from zoom. Medical working offices also offer soundproof rooms for videoconferencing and phone calls. By giving remote learners the chance to go to a school, the remote learning process can create a mindset that improves productivity and readies the mind for studying. 

Teachers Enjoy Co-Working Spaces As Well

If you are a professor or instructor, having a co-working office that is secure and private can be the perfect solution. It’s easier to schedule student video conferences and to have students that are much more focused on their learning. Many tutoring platforms like Zoom have been set up for videoconferencing and lectures but these platforms don’t always account for loud office spaces, furnished with the right office amenities, or designed with the right technology. Having a video screen that’s hardwired to the Internet also doesn’t offer much in the way of structured learning for students who can feel much more receptive to taking on learning tasks when they’re in a focused environment. 

Students Can Work Remotely With Parents

When parents are working remotely already, it’s possible for them to bring their children into the office with them. There are many workers that have been told that they’ll be working remotely for many months over COVID-19. If there isn’t much office space inside the home for students, a coworking area could make sure that distractions could be eliminated. By paying for another desk, parents and children can work through solutions where everyone is in the right mindset to work. 

If you are in the population that has found it difficult to take on remote learning throughout the pandemic, it may be time for you to consider a focused environment and to make the choice to join into a co-working space instead. If you’re interested in seeking this solution for your child or as a student yourself, now is an excellent time to get into a co-working space. Contact us today to learn more about local co-working spaces in your area.