Leasing office space can be stressful, whether your company is looking to move offices or open its first brick-and-mortar location. One-third of your life is spent at the office. Your office can have a significant impact on your daily life. Our real estate and property managers professionals collaborated to compile the top things to remember when renting office space in Tampa.

Office space in Tampa is not just four walls and doors. It is also a representation of your brand and a second home to your employees. It is important to think about the needs of your employees when choosing a new office. What type of culture would you like to promote? While shared workspaces and open floor plans are great for collaboration, they can prove inconvenient if you need to keep track of work files or have quiet time to concentrate. Are you interested in sharing common areas with other tenants of the building’s restrooms? What amount of parking will your employees require? Will you need designated parking if your business has many clients? These small details can make a big difference in your business’s productivity.

If it isn’t in the right place, even the most desirable commercial real estate could be a problem. You will need to make sure your business is located in an area that has high traffic and easy access to major roads/interstates. Consumers are willing to drive between 12 and 23 minutes to reach local businesses. If your business doesn’t require clients to visit your offices, it can be beneficial to choose an area that has less congestion. You should still consider an area that is easy for employees to access by car.

Your company’s commercial office space in Tampa through Signature Workspace can be a strong representation of your brand. It can also have an important impact on your future growth. Although calculations are not always accurate, growth is the ultimate goal. There are some factors that will influence your choice of office space lease. Is your growth a result of the addition of employees? Do you require more showroom space? Do you need more patient rooms if you own medical practice? Is your lease flexible enough to allow you to add additional suites? If all else fails to work, is your lease able to allow you to terminate early or sublet agreements with reasonable terms?

Tenants will often chase a particular location due to the advertised rent rate, but neglect to consider other costs that could dramatically affect your monthly payments. It is important to consider the costs of property taxes, utility bills, and any other expenses associated with commercial real estate properties.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance and value of using a broker/landlord in helping you find commercial real estate spaces. A broker can help you navigate difficult decisions and share their market knowledge. A good broker/landlord will keep their tenants’ needs in mind. They can also provide the level of service and attention you need to make your business a success story. Allow Signature Workspace to help you snag that wonderful workspace you’ve been looking for.

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