It has been just under a year since a lot of businesses all across the country were forced to shift their day-to-day in-office business to remote working, and we have seen a huge amount of companies decide to go a little further with it and tackle remote working as a permanent solution for their business. While it may be safe to assume that your company was forced to have something of a trial run with remote working over the last 8 months or so, the question remains: Are you considering making this shift a permanent one for your own business? Everything we have learned in the last year of working remotely and from home, it has become clear that remote working can not only work for businesses but can actually be efficient and even lucrative. Because of this, we have seen a lot of companies making the switch to long-term remote working conditions with the help of a virtual office location setup.

A Foundation for a Remote Office

A virtual office is a foundation for your new venture into remote working. The virtual office is essentially going to replace your current physical office space. More so, this virtual office is a digital place where you can remotely operate your day-to-day business while still keeping a physical address for your business. This also means that you will be able to do away with the expenses of leasing physical office space. 

Not Just a Street Address

While a virtual office does give you a desirable street address, it is a lot more than just a street address. Virtual offices can provide your business with all sorts of additional benefits and amenities such as a virtual receptionist, management of mail services, and even physical office space if it is needed. 

Save On The Overhead

When it comes to running a business, one of the largest costs that can come along involves those associated with the cost and upkeep of your physical office space. This includes the cost of renting or leasing the property, paying for building maintenance, the day-to-day cleaning of the office, management costs, and various other professional costs such as equipment, internet, and upkeep. However, when you invest in a virtual office, you are able to get a lot of the same benefits you would get from a physical location without paying all of the overhead that comes along with a building. 

Improve Productivity By Ditching The Commute

One of the best ways to make sure you have happier, more productive, and motivated employees is by simply eliminating the daily work commute. Cutting out the stresses that can come with sitting in traffic every day can be done easily by having your office go remote with the help of a virtual office. However, eliminating the commute is not the only way that a virtual office can help your business achieve more productivity. 

When you make the switch to a virtual office, you are opening up the day to your employees allowing them to work during time periods that are the most productive for them, rather than forcing workers to be done during set in-office hours which may not be the most productive time frame for everyone. 

Going Virtual 

With everything we have learned in the last year and the assistance of a virtual office, your business can switch to 100 percent remote working and not have to worry about the stresses of no longer having an office to fall back on. Instead, you can start being more productive and cost-efficient thanks to virtual offices. Want to learn more? Contact us today!