Our schedules and budgets seem to prevent us from disconnecting when we need to, even when considering the potential benefits of a team offsite. In today’s workplace, turning off apps or devices may seem impossible, with our work computers and personal devices buzzing with email and Slack alerts. The idea of a team offsite emerges as a potential solution to this incessant connectivity, offering a unique opportunity for teams to disconnect from their routine digital interruptions.

When we cannot attend a physical meeting, we Zoom in and post out-of-office notifications with an apology, hinting at the growing need for team offsites where direct, in-person interaction can foster a deeper sense of connection and focus. Don’t worry; we will get back to you when we return—perhaps from a productive team offsite, where we’ve had the chance to truly disconnect and realign with our objectives away from the digital fray.

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What if that could be changed? What if we could find a way to connect teams while blocking out the digital noise that is competing for our attention.

It’s Called the Team Offsite

Offsites are not as long or intensive as their name suggests. Offsites can last a few days or a whole week. You can make them as elaborate or simple as you want. You can take your team to a city near your corporate headquarters, or even further away.

If the offsite allows for a genuine connection between colleagues, leadership will gain invaluable insights to improve team culture and performance.

Why We Need To Disconnect Our Brains From Work

We need to go down memory lane in order to understand why offsites and the concept behind a strategic break are so valuable for your team. It’s Don Draper, not us, who is the subject of this memory.

As a leading ad-creative in 1960, you are encouraged to disconnect from work and find your flow. A leisurely lunch with colleagues, a nap in the middle of the day to recharge, and a brainstorming session afterwards. All of this is part of an overall plan to be inspired and create without any time constraints.

While the concept of a well timed break is not new, it has been fading as work and personal life have blurred. Although cocktails are no longer allowed during working hours, it is still a question as to why the strategic reset has been ignored.

Modern Businesses Have A Productivity-Oriented Mindset

We are only productive if we are actively engaged in our work. We do not generate revenue when we don’t produce.

Harvard Business Review says that “tethering oneself to a desk can help you get through more email, but it is rarely a recipe to innovative strategic thinking.” Research shows that productivity drops the more managers work outside of standard working hours.

This insight might seem contrary to the corporate mindset. Research shows that there are better ways to encourage inspiration and interconnectedness. Healthy work cultures which promote belonging and community not only encourage higher levels of creativity but also make people happier.

Do you know the expression “A rising tide raises all boats?”

Everyone benefits from happiness in the workplace, and the bottom line is no exception. Happier workplaces, on average, are 13% more productive – without even trying.

We need to spend less and more time with our colleagues, which will lead to better strategies and creative thinking. David Allen, a productivity expert, says that it’s not as difficult as it may seem. We don’t require unlimited time to come up with our best ideas. Just a deliberate mindset and a space will do.

Allen says that it takes no time at all to come up with an innovative idea, or make a decision. However, if there isn’t enough space in your mind and body, these things may not be impossible, but are suboptimal.

It is important to take time away from your daily routines in order to grow and reset together.

The fundamentals of creative bonding, team strategizing, and reset are thoughtful and purposeful use of time and space.

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