The pandemic was the beginning of a new era for work. Hybrid work arrangements became more common and are even a unique selling point for many brands. Many of the biggest brands in the world and industry leaders are moving towards hybrid work over the long-term, which can only be described as hybrid work.

Hybrid Work

The world is becoming more open, with many companies resuming their work from the office. However, it is difficult to meet the demand for flexible work arrangements by today’s employees.

Hybrid work arrangements are becoming a main requirement for job seekers. In fact, Google search results showed a dramatic increase in search terms for “hybrid work jobs”, which rose by 30,900% between 2020 and 2022.

We have seen more hybrid companies adopt the model of work, so we have seen different types of measures and different ways to define the work arrangements.

Let’s take a look at the unique approaches that some of the largest companies have taken to hybrid work. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Google

Google implemented hybrid work arrangements in many aspects.

The employees have a flexible work schedule with three days in a rented office space and two days where they are at home. This gives employees enough time to collaborate while still allowing them the freedom to work where they want.

Another policy is to make it easier for employees to relocate to other offices and to open more locations around the world. Remote work has also been offered, with existing employees able to apply for remote work.

They also promote hybrid work through a ‘work from-anywhere’ week, where employees can work from any location other than their workplace to allow flexibility during holidays. They offer ‘reset’ day, which is a global holiday for employees. This allows them to relax and recover at the end the month.

2. Spotify

Spotify created the Work from Anywhere program in early 2021. It was founded on the belief that work is not something you go to the office for; it’s something that you do.

Employees can choose where they work and what mode of work they prefer. This could be in a Spotify Office or a coworking space. Employees who do not live in a Spotify location are eligible to receive coworking space fees.

Spotify’s ‘Work from Anywhere” program provided flexibility and autonomy for their employees. This enabled Spotify to search new talent pools and make this feature a competitive advantage for job seekers in the market.

3. Slack

Slack, a San Francisco-based company, has done a lot of research on hybrid work models. They also did internal research that helped them to implement hybrid work policies.

One of the most important conclusions is that a hybrid model of work is not one-size-fits all, but adaptable enough to each person’s individual needs.

Slack encourages each person to find a rhythm that works for them. They also avoid imposing any top-down requirements on work schedules. Instead, they have established a system where core hours are usually in the middle of the day. This allows for real-time collaboration and discussion, as well as time for team building. Employees are not expected to be available immediately and calls cannot be made.

Hybrid work arrangements can transform and redefine company culture and branding. It is crucial for companies to embrace these changes towards a better working environment for their employees. Although the aftermath of the pandemic was difficult for businesses, it was a positive opportunity to review the policies and make changes to adapt to changing times.

These hybrid work models can inspire you. We know that switching to a hybrid model of work can be difficult for small businesses. However, Signature Workspace is here to help!

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