Many Americans had to stop driving to their Tampa office space every day after the COVID-19 pandemic. Only 4% of Americans had worked from home before the pandemic. However, April 2020 showed that 25% had moved to work at home.

34% of Americans said they are remote workers. Many remote workers are now embracing a coworking environment at a Tampa office to create productive work environments.

Employers can find a solution in coworking spaces in Tampa, where multiple employees can share the same amenities and space. 

Coworking spaces allow employees to use them as satellite offices, which allows them to save time and reduce commutes while still maintaining COVID-19 safety precautions. We will examine the future concept of a Tampa office space to rent for coworking given the current pandemic, and adapt existing Tampa coworking spaces to accommodate the “new normal”.

The Effects Of A coworking Tampa Office Space

For a long time, many people have used communal workspaces. Many entrepreneurs have adopted Tampa coworking spaces as an alternative to traditional office work since the 2008’s financial crisis. Coworking spaces gained popularity in the last two years as major corporations began to embrace them. Due to COVID-19, Tampa spaces saw an explosive increase in use in 2020.

Many employers adopted these spaces to reduce infection rates and curb curbing the problem. The first half of 2020 saw a 50% drop in coworking spaces due to the lack of safety measures for COVID-19.

There is still hope for coworking spaces operators and developers, as many experts in health state that remote work is here to stay. Coworking spaces in Tampa are becoming more popular because of a shift in business attitudes. 

According to Research and Markets coworking spaces will grow and recover by 11.8% by 2023, increasing their value to $11.52 million by 2023. How can coworking spaces help with the inconveniences caused by the pandemic Let’s look at some predictions?

Safety And Health Will Be The Primary Concern.

Businesses are reopening globally in light of the current pandemic and the lifting of lockdown restrictions in many states. Employees are returning to work more frequently, which means that safety and health must be top priorities in the future.

Although several Governments have lifted restrictions on the COVID-19 disease, it is up to each organization to ensure the safety and health of their workers and create a productive and healthy work environment. There are many ways workplaces can be reopened safely to meet the safety requirements to prevent transmission or the post-COVID-19 aftershock.

  1. Make sure you observe physical distances.

Many corporate offices used open-plan office layouts in the past to maximize space. It is important to restructure these offices in order to protect the safety and health of employees. This helps to create a healthy working environment.

A well-known commercial real estate firm came up with the idea of a 6-foot office. This concept includes:

-A 6-foot quick scan of the workplace environment.

-Follow the 6-foot rules that relate to the rules for conduct and put in a series of clear, workable agreements

-Follow the 6-foot routing visual plans in each office

-Working at the 6-foot workstation in a 6-foot facility

– Having the 6-foot certificate that proves the workplace is virus-free due to the implemented measures.

  1. Include enclosures as a priority

Office enclosures are another way to improve the safety and health of your work environment. Coworking spaces may be required to separate large offices into smaller workspaces. This is in compliance with the regulations regarding physical distancing.

This idea can also be used by a Tampa office space for coworking to generate different revenue streams. Acoustic partition products are used to soundproof digital media recording rooms. You can rent rooms on an hourly basis for podcasting or video editing.

  1. Improve cleaning procedures

To ensure that workers are safe, comfortable, and well-informed in their work environment, coworking spaces must adopt pandemic hygiene protocols. Nano-tech coatings and ionization are all effective cleaning methods that can be used to ensure cleanliness in the workplace.

Access to sanitization points is essential. Make it mandatory to wear masks in office spaces. Wipe down surfaces regularly with disinfected water to maintain high cleaning standards. Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to ensure that the air and surrounding areas are free of viruses.

  1. Common touchpoints can be reduced in a Tampa office space

Technology can be used to eliminate common touchpoints to create a virus-free environment. It is possible to reduce contact with surfaces thanks to technological advances. An organization could invest in automatic lighting switches and door opening sensors, or even faucets for the bathrooms and kitchens.

  1. Plan for the worst-case scenario

To ensure safety for other employees, it is important to prepare a worst-case plan in case one of your employees gets coronavirus. You can put in contact tracing devices such as cameras and a recording book that contains information about the building’s inhabitants. You can also put in place disinfection measures and a plan for a gradual return to work.


Coworking spaces were a positive way to increase productivity before the pandemic. Since 2020, however, coworking in a Tampa office space is a different form and requires strict compliance to protect workers’ health and safety.

Remote working is not going anywhere. We at Signature Workspace use these tips to create a virus-free environment. We remain positive that things will improve and that we will return to a more vibrant and collaborative way to connect with others in the future.

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