The modern workplace for rent is always changing. Companies that embrace flexibility and a laid-back culture are replacing traditional cubicles and desks in offices. From non-traditional desk options or air hockey tables, options are abundant. The idea of a modern workplace for rent has changed from the Madison Avenue offices during the American advertising boom to those of the bean bag chair tech startups. We can take a look at a few key factors to help you create the perfect modern workspace, considering how interior design trends have evolved over the years, and what we know about human motivation and productivity. What qualities are necessary to create a modern workspace for rent, besides trendy furniture and standing desks?

Colorful Vibe 

Over the years, one thing has been established: it is hard to create a team that is productive and motivated in an office environment. Numerous studies have shown that color can make a big difference in people’s moods, both at work and outside. It is not surprising that adding color to your office can make it more modern and productive. This will help increase efficiency and improve the focus of your employees. You can even get different benefits depending on the color you choose. Studies have shown that green colors (even plants) can help ease stress in those with eye strains. Yellow, on the other hand, is known for its ability to inspire creativity and increase optimism. This means that adding color to your office can be a great way to invigorate it and make it feel more modern and warm.

Get In The Local Flair

Modern office spaces encourage creative interior design more than ever. It is crucial for any office looking to bring some creativity or flair into their space that they consider the influences and local flair of the area. Local culture, craftsmanship, and design are great ways to increase creativity and build relationships between your company, its market, and the community.

The Community Matters

You must remember that your office building’s location is just as important as the furniture and art it contains when it comes to creating the most modern office. Many communities are working together to create a new type of office space that combines modern office culture with a creative environment. This can have a positive impact on the cultural diversity in your office.

Sustainable Space Is Key

Sustainability has been a popular buzzword in nearly every industry in the world over recent years. Modern workspaces must accept this fact and take it seriously. Your workspace should not be able to ignore the potential environmental impacts it has. An Earth-friendly workspace is such a vital key to the success of any modern business and is something you can strive to achieve by using space that integrates the natural environment of the community with the building’s needs and uses a lot more natural or environmentally-friendly materials where possible. Are you looking for great office space to rent? Get in touch today!