The popularity of co-working is increasing there are many companies that are shifting towards choosing these open office environments for their affordability and flexibility. Working can come in many different formats and many people are quick to come to snap judgments about this type of work because they fear the lack of privacy and they don’t feel as though it’s a professional choice for their company. Here are some of the pros and cons of coworking so that you can decide whether it might be a good option for you:

Pro: Co-working Is Extremely Cost-Effective

Compared to having to rent out an office space, pay for rerelease, and outfit that office space, you could start working in the co-working facility immediately and at an extremely affordable rate. In some shared spaces you may only need to pay for the amount of office space that you and a few employees may need and this can cut down on the cost of your business significantly. 

Con: Some Spaces Have Extra Fees

There are some co-working spaces the charge for nearly everything that you use and the office. This can include recouping some of the costs of the office space by charging as much as $.10 a sheet for printing, an hourly rate to meet with clients in shared spaces, or a hefty rate for you to use the conference room. As you look at different memberships it’s important to look at what might cost you extra and add this into the price. 

Pro: Co-Working Is An Excellent Place For Creativity And Collaboration.

Working in one of these facilities often facilitates collaboration and ensures that many people start to work together. It’s easy for many people to bounce ideas off one another and many of the freelancers working in the spaces often end up finding the chance to work with other companies. 

Con: The Space Gets Loud In Common Areas

Any area that facilitates large collaborative environments such as the lounges or the larger office spaces, people are always talking, taking phone calls, and moving around. You may want to bring a set of noise-cancelling headphones if you are the type of person that works best in silence. 

Pro: Amazing Chances To Network

Co-working spaces often include access to various workshops and chances to network with other companies that are in like-minded positions. It’s likely that you’ll be working with other companies in your field and there are plenty of opportunities for you to pick up new talent and expand rapidly. 

Pro: You Can Get A Prestigious Address

Renting out a piece of prestigious real estate in the downtown core could be extremely expensive if you need to sign a full-year lease. It’s often difficult to get some of these prestigious addresses as they are snatched up quickly by companies that have been long established. Many co-working facilities operate in these areas offering people the chance to collaborate and take meetings conveniently with other large players in the area. 

Consider some of the top pros and cons of coworking and keep in mind that co-working is a trending way to save companies money but it is important to consider the needs of your business and find the right space that can accommodate your needs. To learn more contact us today!