Sign up for Signature Workspace and embrace empowerment in the workplace by giving your employees access to hot desks in premium locations, luxurious airline lounges with private phone booths, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, bottomless coffee, etc. Managers benefit from the empowerment a hybrid workplace offers, powered by data, customization, and flexibility. Signature Workspace provides desks, private offices, and meeting rooms worldwide, available to book on demand. Our user-friendly, intelligent booking platform and data-driven portal provide insights into workspace trends and usage, allowing managers to tailor their hybrid work strategies. Additionally, we have a global network of desks, offices, and meeting rooms in 135 countries from leading workspace brands such as WeWork, Industrious, and boutique operators.

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The World is Rapidly Changing

Companies like yours can keep up with the changing world by using workspace solutions such as desks, meeting spaces, and hybrid offices.

Signature Workspace helps companies keep pace with the rapid changes in the world and the changing expectations of their employees. It takes your workspace strategy outside the traditional office. While SMBs, enterprise companies, and even government agencies can reduce their real estate costs by “an order of magnitude” (in the words of one CFO), Signature Workspace is about more than making hybrid office spaces more affordable. It helps you create an agile, flexible, remote-first work environment.

Reduce real estate costs, not the cost of people. You can quickly scale up or down.

Signature Workspace provides a seamless hybrid solution to manage the peaks and troughs of your workforce. Our solutions help to make mixed and flexible work more manageable and cost-efficient. They also assist companies in reducing real estate costs, staying agile in a volatile market, and boosting employee satisfaction by enabling flexibility.

Signature Workspace can help you to manage the peaks and valleys of workspace demand.

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You can choose from three levels of flexibility.

We mean flexibility when we say it. You can choose from our three levels of on-demand services, combine them, or opt for a more prolonged engagement with a hub and spoke or private office solution. Signature Workspace provides not only flexibility but also a choice of flexible options. With the flexibility to quickly scale up or down, businesses can adapt to market demands and the peaks or troughs in their workforce or workspace requirements.

Three distinct tiers are available for companies to choose from, depending on their needs.

1. Monthly desk membership

Choose from three options for companies that frequently use flexible workspace: 5, 10, or unlimited desks per employee per month.

It is ideal for businesses that frequently use flexible space.
You can choose between three options: 5, 10, or unlimited bookings per employee per month.

2. Monthly team pool

Companies that use a lot of flex space and require a great deal of flexibility. Bookings are deducted from a central revenue pool. You can increase or decrease your commitment at any time. The pool’s value that has not been used in a given month is carried over.

It is ideal for companies that need flexibility but also want centralized control.
The bookings are deducted from a central revenue pool.
Flexible commitment – increase or decrease at any time. Unused pool value rolls over from month to month.

3. Pay as you Go is our most flexible option for on-demand payments.

A flexible option for companies that use space only occasionally. You pay only for what you use, billed upon booking confirmation. You can connect payment to corporate cards or accounts at the P&L or individual level.

  • Tailored to companies that occasionally use flexible space.
  • No-commitment options allow you to pay only for what you use.
  • The billing is done at the time of booking, and you can choose to charge your corporate account or card or to pay for the individual.
  • Our app offers a hybrid office network that is the industry leader.

Simple steps to a global office strategy for the future

Get instant access to thousands of workspaces in 135 countries and 1,600 cities, and give your team the best workspace available.

A global strategy is crucial for companies that want to grow globally in today’s connected world. Signature Workspace’s on-demand workspace access eliminates this complexity by giving instant access to over 7,000 workspaces across 80 countries and 1,600 locations. Signature Workspace offers users exclusive access to workspaces globally on demand, giving them unprecedented flexibility in their global strategy.

You can rent workspace — including desks, meeting spaces, and private offices — as needed, wherever your team needs it

We work with over 700 leading flex space brands to provide locations in the areas where your employees live, not just major cities. Signature Workspace, unlike traditional solutions that focus on major markets only, understands how important it is to be where your employees are.

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Empowerment in the Workplace

Our flexible workspace network is constantly expanding into new markets

Upflex has evolved to keep up with this shift. Signature Workspace adds hundreds of new private offices, meeting rooms, and desks every month. This allows your business to tap into emerging markets while also adapting to the needs of modern workers.

WeWork is just one of hundreds of space providers that offer meeting rooms and desks on demand.

You can book meeting rooms, desks, and offices at your team’s pace.

Signature Workspace is more than a service. It’s an innovative solution that can be tailored to meet the fluctuating demands of the workspace. Signature Workspace offers the flexibility and tools to maximize your workspace usage, whether you’re a growing company or a large corporation.

Expanding to new markets constantly

Our reach is expanding as teams become more dispersed. Every month, we add hundreds of new desks, private offices, and meeting rooms to our network.

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