We believe that you can be more productive at Signature Workspacehttps://signatureworkspace.com/. Because when you accomplish things, every day feels like a Friday. We know how it feels to feel pulled in many directions by your business. We’re going to share our favorite productivity tips with you so that you can win the day!

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Productivity Tip 1: Learn to say ‘No’

Some people find that learning to say “no” is the best way to be productive at work. When you take on too much, it’s impossible to be productive. Less is More! Say no to the non-essentials so that you can focus your efforts on what is important.

If you do not ‘have a moment’, then say what time would be better. You may feel good about saying ‘yes,’ but you will be distracted from your current task. You’ll need to regain that momentum. “Yes” is a slippery path that can lead you to burnout, overwhelm and stunt your business’ growth.

Productivity Tip # 2: Flip the meeting

According to a recent survey, almost 60 percent of American workers said that meetings get in the best of their work! You may find that you spend most of your day in meetings. This is because you are planning what you want to accomplish. You’re more likely than not to leave a meeting without making any real progress when this occurs.

Change the way you conduct meetings to be more productive. Create a shared agenda and flip the meeting so that everyone is prepared with their action items. The team can then decide if they need a full-blown meeting or if it is better to have a 20 minute meeting instead of an hour.

By flipping the meeting, you can keep your focus on the results and next steps. You won’t be rehashing old tasks. Another quick tip? To keep everyone on task, simply cut all meetings in half.

Productivity Tip 3: Schedule everything

Bring a notebook to meetings and phone calls so you can write down action items. It’s not your usual to-do lists because you should schedule all of the tasks from your calendar notes and then discard the list!

You can schedule your items so that you don’t forget anything, and to get an idea of the time it takes you to complete your projects. When you schedule a project, you must be focused.

Include a 15-minute break between each item on your calendar. If it takes longer than you expected, the next item won’t be pushed. If you find yourself with an extra five minutes between projects, you could reward yourself by spending some time on social media , or stepping out of your office for some fresh air.

Productivity Tip #4: Eat the Big Frog first

To be productive, we need to step outside our comfort zone. Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog explains how you should tackle the tasks that you do not want to do.

We may put these tedious tasks or difficult projects on hold in order to focus on other things that we are more comfortable with. We run the risk that we will never get them done, or struggle through them at last minute to satisfy the anxiety around them.

Productivity Tip #5 – Review Your Productivity

To become more productive, you have to put in some effort. It’s important to enjoy the accomplishment and to reflect on your own efforts.

Plan a block of time at the end each day or every week to review what’s on your calendar. Have you completed all tasks? If you don’t, plan more time to complete the project and prioritize it if necessary. Communicate your progress and any delays to other people involved in the project.

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All The Rips and hacks

In the world will not work unless your workflow is honest. You can’t decide what you could realistically accomplish during the week without self-evaluation.

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