Coworking spaces provide freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees of larger companies with a place of work outside a coffee shop or typical office environment. To maximize productivity, they offer workers the choice of private offices if they just need some quiet; otherwise, many opt for working in shared workspaces to take advantage of their social benefits.

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Shared workspaces often foster a sense of community for members, making the work environment fun and exciting. Although working amid buzzy offices or cappuccino machines might seem ideal for some, distractions may build up quickly over time and become an obstacle when working in shared environments.

With the proper techniques, you can still maximize productivity in any type of workplace. Follow these tips to boost productivity even in shared office environments!

Manage Distractions

Even when you are trying to complete your most important tasks, a shared workspace can be a great distraction. It could be anything. This could be a chatty neighbour, a noisy place, or a messy desk. You can respond in a number of ways. Some are obvious, but you might not think to do so when you’re distracted at work.


You can benefit from networking with coworkers, but it shouldn’t interfere with your work. You can let others know that you are busy with an important task or deadline. If that doesn’t work, bring headphones with you to drown out unwanted noise and let people know that you are in the zone.

Auditory Distractions

Headphones can be used to block out any distracting sounds in your workspace. Noise-cancelling headphones are a good investment, but earbuds can be just as effective. You can listen to any sounds that help you concentrate. You can choose from instrumental music, white-noise, nature sounds or video game soundtracks. Podcasts are also a good option. You can tune out the world by putting on headphones and listening to your own music.

While avoiding auditory distractions is paramount, making sure that your environment doesn’t present too many visual distractions is also essential. Creative work may benefit from an inspiring environment, while most people thrive under an orderly workspace with no distracting sights to distract them. Chaos in a workspace can easily derail focus from what needs to get done. Choose a work area without distractions like clutter or mess; find a quiet corner where you can focus, or head outside if possible and work near a window in the sunshine. Next step should be clearing away clutter on your desk; anything not currently used should be out of your workspace.

Increase personal productivity: Maximize individual productivity

Reducing distractions in a shared workspace is simple and many find they’re actually more productive when working here. Being around others who are also working hard provides extra motivation to remain on task; having your own dedicated work area means it is easier to stay focused without being disturbed by personal matters – here are a few more measures you can take to maximize productivity further.

Set Realistic Expectations (Resist unrealistic promises and pledges).

One key to being productive in a shared workspace is being realistic about your goals and expectations. While the objective may be completing more work quickly, be mindful not to put unnecessary stress or rigid patterns onto yourself which could actually reduce productivity. By setting reasonable daily goals that don’t aim for perfection you may end up checking more items off your list than ever.

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Plan and Prioritize

It is advisable to include a plan with your to-do list. Make a daily plan on how you will approach the tasks on it, sticking to that plan without deviations. Setting deadlines or prioritizing tasks might help. Focus on your most urgent tasks first and if anything requires 2 minutes or less to finish, do it now. Before beginning a task, set a timer and determine how much of that time was spent on each aspect. It may also help to mute notifications so they don’t distract you while working.

One of the key aspects of creating an effective to-do list is taking into account how long each task will take to complete. Without setting a specific deadline, many people tend to focus on finishing easier or shorter tasks first, thus delaying more involved or demanding ones or completely neglecting them altogether. You don’t have to schedule every moment and breath in your day – simply being aware of how your time is being used can help keep you focused and efficient with the projects that matter to you.

Take a Break

Taking breaks is a great way to make the most of your extra time. Take a break after you have worked on something too long. Your productivity will increase. Allow your mind to relax and refocus. Stop for lunch, or take a break during the day. Get up, walk around and regain focus. You can even get up to go for a stroll or socialize with coworkers. You can avoid burnout by taking breaks.



Coworking spaces are highly productive and offer members a variety of opportunities, such as networking, mobile businesses, social gatherings, etc. You can increase your productivity in your coworking space by using the right techniques. Check out our membership plans if you are looking for a place to get started and set up your business. Do not hesitate to call us.

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