Let’s take a look at virtual coworking. For approximately two-thirds of US employees the spare bedroom, dining room table, or couch replaced the office. Tens of millions of Americans were then sent home to work. It is difficult to understate the impact coronavirus had on our daily lives. However, there are positive outcomes. 

Many employees report that they enjoy working remotely, and would prefer to continue doing so even after the threat from the virus has passed. While coworking has been increasing in popularity over the years, virtual collaboration is now a thriving industry.

What is virtual collaboration – and how can it work for me?

Virtual coworking

Coworking is at its core a simple concept. It’s sharing a workspace and other professionals. Millions of people are finding coworking spaces to be an efficient and cost-effective way to work, whether they’re freelancers or solo entrepreneurs. People find they reduce isolation, allow for collaboration and increase productivity.

There are many benefits to having a place you can go to when it comes down to work. There are many benefits to having a place to go when you need it. Your dog won’t get distracted by laundry, your phone won’t ring the instant you answer an important call, and friends and family won’t expect you to be there just because you’re at home.

What about virtual coworking?

The major difference is that people now share an online space instead of a physical one. This is another important development in the world work. The virtual coworking space allows us to practice social distancing in safety, while still having the benefits of a professional network.

virtual coworking is a way for professionals to keep up with the changing workplace. Many of these spaces offer the same amenities as a physical office but in digital format. You might find a reception area or welcome area, as well as phone answering services, conference rooms, and breakout rooms. There may also be chat options. You can even create a virtual desk or office through some virtual coworking platforms.

What are the advantages of virtual coworking?

  • It is cost-effective. It’s much cheaper to operate a business efficiently without the expense of having to maintain a physical location. While you may still require a physical office, virtual options can be used to supplement it. Rents and leases in Tampa are often exorbitant. This allows you to save a lot of money that can be used to grow your business.
  • You and your team can work anywhere. You cannot match the flexibility.
  • Many virtual coworking proponents report being more productive and responsible when it comes to their assignments/projects/deliverables.
  • Collaboration is possible – even outside your organization’s walls. You can benefit from the expertise of other professionals in your professional network.
  • Talent can be attracted from any country. This means that you are no longer restricted by geographic boundaries and can attract talent from anywhere.
  • Although flexible, virtual coworking offers some structure to employees. This can be a way to maintain a healthy work/life balance and help people connect. You don’t have to feel remote just because you work remotely.

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