Today’s flexible workspaces are offering more to businesses than ever before. Having a shared space is a factor that comes with many values to a business and to employees. When many innovators get started with a coworking space, they are amazed at what these offices can offer to them. Here are some of the top things that coworking office users begin to value shortly after they experience the difference in spaces.

Pet-friendly Spaces

Nearly 20% of people in working surveys suggested that they would want to bring their pet to work. Many people believe that having a pet can reduce stress as well as nurture productivity in the workspace. Pets are an excellent way to facilitate regular breaks from work to refocus and regain productivity. Make working spaces offer the privilege of a pet inclusive workspace but it is important to consider that some fees may be assessed the monthly fee such as cleaning, offering a space for pets to do their business, and more. 

Access To High-Speed Internet

Coworking spaces often come with centralized locations and access to high-speed Internet and wireless connections. Around 90% of the people polled on what they value in co-working spaces suggested that the speed of the Internet and the quality of their Internet was important in a coworking space. A coworking space that offers both hard-wired and Wi-Fi support, as well as quality IT and security protocols, will make sure that everyone can communicate well and handle business processes. 

Added Inclusive Amenities

Shared workspaces should also have access to added amenities such as a place for food, coffee, networking spaces, and more. There are many businesses that incorporate office spaces that do not have access to these amenities and a large number of coworkers feel like these are indispensable once they experience them. Having a lounge area with furniture, appliances for food, cafes, and fun areas are all great amenities that can help people to stay focused on the job and to improve their working conditions. 

Close Proximity To The City Center

Co-working spaces are often designed in areas where people are centrally located. It’s much easier to meet with prospective business clients and to enjoy various meetings from a location that’s going to be convenient for everyone. City centers and business hubs are a great way to support organizations when working with the city and having access to these areas for work can be crucial to success. 

Excellent Atmosphere

Every business requires a place that offers excellent activities and spots for collaboration. These types of places offer the perfect place for the creative. Having a good community atmosphere and a coworker and spaces can be very important to nearly half of the people we surveyed. Community atmosphere helps to build a business and offer the best in services to people from a business too. 


The best working spaces offer flexibility in shared office spaces as well as the best in scheduling. Flexible spaces are the types of coworking areas that include areas for meeting, working, and working privately when required. Making sure that employees will always have access to places for quiet, that they can work in environments where they can work collaboratively, and that they can seek environments for conferences can be important. Having a co-working space that’s also open all night and at unusual hours will make sure that a person can truly work at their own schedule. Flexibility is extremely important for any type of coworking space and around 63% of people believe that flexibility is a paramount solution for their workspace. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a co-working space that can present all of these top qualities, contact us today.