In any forward-thinking company’s values statement, you’ll typically encounter a nod to innovation or entrepreneurship. Employees frequently seek out roles that allow them to exhibit entrepreneurial characteristics, but what employers are truly searching for might be best described by understanding “What is an Intrapreneur?” Intrapreneurs are the gold standard: individuals who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship while operating within the framework of a larger organization. Recognizing this trait is crucial, as it is a rare yet valuable quality. Identifying intrapreneurs in your workforce is just the first step; it’s equally important to nurture their capabilities, allowing them to excel and bring their innovative visions to life within your company.

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Why your company needs to invest in innovation and Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs have a spirit of entrepreneurship, which means they value ideas and innovation. The entrepreneurial spirit is an attitude that encourages people to take risks and come up with new and innovative ideas that will benefit their team and organization.

This all matters to a company a lot. Organizations that support and value intrapreneurs can:

Create new products and services to meet the market’s needs.

Anticipate changes or challenges to stay ahead of the competition.

Create a fast-paced, exciting work environment where employees are valued for their skills and knowledge.

Innovation and creative problem solving will help you grow and expand faster.

Your business will succeed if you value intrapreneurs, innovation and your team. It’s important to know who your intrapreneurs and support them.

Entrepreneurial spirit is a way of thinking that encourages people to take risks and come up with new and innovative solutions for their organizations and teams.

Four Characteristics Of An Intrapreneur

You can better identify intrapreneurs by defining their characteristics. There are many other characteristics that intrapreneurs share, besides the general criteria of being innovative and creative.

Continuously learn

Your intrapreneurs are sponges of knowledge, and they will take initiative to constantly learn and improve their skills. You might see them sign up for a class online, request mentorship or read a great deal. Intrapreneurs love to learn new things and then apply them to their work. They are always watching or listening to something new. Even Netflix movies can be useful in building a better business.

Speak out during meetings

They’ve probably already thought of solutions and ideas before the meeting. So, they will use this time to express themselves. Also, they’re likely to rally others around new ideas and lead the charge. There are many ways to make your next Zoom Meeting more fun, but the intrapreneur will come up with new ideas and rally others to participate.

Ask many questions

Intrapreneurs, who are naturally curious, ask questions such as, Why do we do things this way? What are the advantages of A or B option?

Concentrate on their interests

They may be working on an unrelated project or staying up late to finish something. When they are engaged in their work and creating new things, they can be very focused and productive.

Other intrapreneur traits include passion, creativity, leadership and risk-taking.

Intrapreneurs can also display classic entrepreneur traits, such as starting a side business outside of working hours.

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Three ways to support intrapreneurs within your team

Understanding “What is an Intrapreneur” is crucial for businesses aiming to foster a culture of innovation. Not all intrapreneurial qualities are universally present; they can be cultivated or constrained by factors such as the type of business, the level of autonomy granted, and the resources provided.

When intrapreneurs lack support, they might channel their entrepreneurial spirit outside the company. If their drive for innovation and creation is not satisfied, these intrapreneurs could transition into entrepreneurs, possibly leaving the company to pursue their ambitions.

Recognizing the role of intrapreneurs is vital for maintaining employee retention, engagement, and overall corporate success. In locations where attracting top talent is challenging, businesses must focus on nurturing their intrapreneurs to ensure retention and continued innovation.

What is an Intrapreneur

Managers and leaders can support intrapreneurs by implementing three strategies:

Allow employees to make their own decisions and manage projects and time. This will allow them to innovate and create without being micromanaged.

Resources and technical support: Intrapreneurs require the right tools to perform their duties; a lack thereof can be demotivating.

Feedback and guidance. Intrapreneurs have many ideas. Some will work; others won’t. It is important to provide feedback and guidance to help them move forward on projects, rather than having them cut due to constraints they are unaware of.

Intrapreneurs can be a very rare breed. Intrapreneurs have many of the same qualities as entrepreneurs, but they work for a company rather than on their own. It’s important to support and recognize their entrepreneurial spirit, as it has a major benefit for the team and business.

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