The business world has changed considerably over the last decade and with a number of new technologies emerging online and in the business world, co-working is changing considerably. The nature of co-working is an example of the way that entrepreneurs are changing the nature of work and offering the ability to coordinate with freelancers and other companies. There are more than 1.1 million people working in over 14,000 co-working spaces across the world. This figure is expected to grow even further over the next few years. As these opportunities continue to expand we will see coworking reducing its overall costs and a series of major corporations. If you are seeking the ideal coworking space for your freelancing career or daily business operations, here are some top features that every coworking space should have.

Great Rent

Many co-working spaces are coming up because the company doesn’t need an entire building or even all of the office space that they have rented at any one time. Dividing up rental costs makes the average cost for a single desk or for a business, much more affordable. Finding a co-working space that can offer you externally affordable rent and flexible amenities for your rental costs can be a huge help to your business operation costs. 

Excellent Location

Many co-working spaces are now available in prestigious locations across city centers. Rather than having to pay out extremely high rental costs, you could have a location that is ready to accept your team early on and at an extremely affordable price. Choosing the right co-working space could mean that you end up with less time commuting for your employees and easier experiences with meeting other professionals in your local area. Working in a city center can be an easier way to access the amenities that your business needs to function and to take meetings with larger businesses in the city center. This can often be beneficial in the formation of your business and as you are starting to work with other partners.

The Atmosphere

The quality of the atmosphere in a co-working space will determine how comfortable you feel spending time there. You can often make a rough estimation of what the ambiance is going to be like immediately, try to choose a place where you feel as though you can be at home. Around 60% of people feel more relaxed in their co-working space and it ultimately comes down to the atmosphere that is created inside. 


Linked with the atmosphere is the sense of community that happens inside the space. Finding like-minded people can make sure that you can establish excellent relationships. Around 40% of all co-working space members are freelancers and this can establish a strong community of versatile professionals that are capable of working with you to get things done.

Proper Amenities

As part of the rental fees for your co-working space, you need to be able to access proper amenities. The right co-working space will give you access to equipment, conference rooms, equipment for giving presentations, improved phone lines, and more. Even having a full kitchen space for a café that’s located close by can make an overwhelming difference to your quality of life as you are at work. If a co-working space can add a number of amenities that you wouldn’t get in a traditional office space, you can end up with a series of excellent improvements for your rental value. 

Consider some of these top ideas if you are looking for a quality experience from a co-working space. Remember to do the proper research and discover the ideal coworking space that will match the needs of your business. Contact us today to take a tour of our amazing facility.