If you are searching for a new office space for your business there are a number of attributes to a quality office space that should be considered in your search. Finding a new office space that suits the needs of your business can be quite stressful, but by looking at this criteria you can make sure that you’re working in a good space for your day to day operations.

The location:

Finding an office space in a location that is favorable for your business can be important. When choosing a location of your office you should consider where you are currently located. If your employees prefer your current location and it’s easy for your business operations, you might want to consider staying in this area. It can often be the best course of action for maintaining your brand culture and for making sure that the business relationships you form in that area can continue.

If you regularly take meetings in a different area of your city or your employees already have to travel a long way into work, you might want to consider reassessing your location so that you could end up in a place where it could be more convenient for everyone. 

What type of office space works for your day to day?

There are many types of office space configurations that you could choose from. Your business might need a private office or it could thrive in a coworking space. Having an open office plan or a place where you can collaborate with other businesses could be beneficial depending on the industry that you’re in. If you need a highly secure office space that will be private with minimal distractions, you might want to look at an area where you could receive more privacy. Consider the nature of the industry that you’re in and what your business will need for your day to day operations when looking at office spaces.

Your budget:New Office Space

Office spaces can be amongst the highest operating costs for any business. If you want to redo some of your operating costs it might be wise for you to consider the option to use a coworking space. Determining what you can spend annually could help you to manage some of your expectations when looking at office spaces for lease. It’s also important to consider other amenities with your building including the cost of lobby staff, security, cleaning and more. These are areas where a coworking space can help you to save with a budget if coworking spaces might be compatible with your business type. 

When do you want to start up?

If you are searching for a office space you also need to think practically about your downtime and when you would want to start up with your business. Moving from office to office could result in a few weeks downtime for your business or limited services with many of your resources moving. 

Starting up a business from scratch in a new office space can also take time. You might need to spend time setting up new technology, getting service agreements ironed out with cleaners, IT professionals and more. Understanding that there will be time spent here is important. Working in a coworking space could often be an easier way that you could get started in an office space or launcher business more quickly. 

Consider your space requirements:

The number of employees you will need to house can also be a big consideration when you’re looking at office space. A good rule of thumb is that every employee should receive at least 150 ft.² of office space for the average. If you’re going to be adding conference rooms and a kitchen to your business you should be looking towards a slightly larger average per customer. Conference rooms are usually around 500 ft.² and a kitchen might be 250 extra square feet. 

Does it fit with your brand?

One of the final questions that you should ask about the office space that you’re looking into is whether or not it suits your brand. The way that an office space is decorated and the area that it’s located in can play a big part in whether or not it will be on brand or not. Having access to a prestigious office space in a convenient location can often be more costly and it may be a requirement if you have a luxury brand. A modern office space is essential if you are involved in the tech industry. Even if an office space seems like it’s a great deal, the space may simply be a bad fit for the brand you have created.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind as you start to look at various office spaces for your business. As you continue to narrow down results, you can start to find a new space that works well for your employees as well as the business that you created. 

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