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Why An Office Space?

Air pollution, noise pollution, risk of accidents, stress, sometimes very long travel times… the commute to work is not always easy for employees heading towards their job. This is where a work space rental could come in handy.

Residents lose an average of an hour and a half a day in transport to get to their place of work. This is still equivalent to 330 hours lost over a year, not counting the business trips themselves! Even if the costs related to the time spent in transport or the delays of employees are difficult to quantify today, the fact remains that these trips have a real negative impact on their productivity.

Remote work or teleworking, even partial, is, of course, one of the simplest answers to this problem. But it is not always easy to isolate yourself at home, especially since there is also a lack of space. The answer is finding a workspace rental.

Therefore, the occasional work space rental can prove to be relevant: an appointment at the other end of the city? Rather than coming back to the office and wasting an hour in transport, it is better to rent on the fly an equipped office in the nearest rental space!

The principle is of course the same in the event of difficulties in transport or of appointments in the provinces. The workspace is a key element in making production effective and efficient. In addition to valuing projection at work, organizational culture, and technology, employees also attach great importance to the physical space in which they spend most of their day-to-day life.


In terms of occasional work space rental, the possibilities are numerous: individual private offices, shared offices, co-working, meeting rooms, training and seminar rooms. A “very fragmented” offer that is not always easy to manage for companies when it comes to finding a desk or meeting room for their employees on the move. This is why we prove to be real comparators of offers, with our very effective prices. Everyone can now find the service that best suits their needs and budget in just a few clicks.

Conversely, companies themselves offer the rental of offices or rooms to amortize their real estate costs. These “providers” whose spaces are not completely filled, and therefore not profitable, can even decide to rent at the last minute and be put in touch with users, that is, seekers” at the very last moment.

These new collaborative offers have the merit of greatly simplifying life for companies, and especially for employees, who can be sure of finding available space and going there immediately. Especially since it is not always easy to know, several days in advance, that we will need a workroom on such and such a day, at such a time, in such a place.

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A need for flexibility on the one hand, and optimization of occupancy rates on the other, which has not escaped the notice of these new players in the rental of spaces, who now offer perfectly adapted to new modes of work, more digital and flexible than ever. Contact us today for a flexible workspace rental.

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