Workplace mobility is a term you may not have considered in the modern office space. The idea of making a workspace more mobile has been an idea that has been proposed over decades but with the recent coronavirus outbreak, a mobile workplace has become the reality of many people across the world. There are many employees in many companies that are promoting the idea of remote work and it’s a trend that has skyrocketed in the year 2020. Workplace mobility is not only trending but it’s offering many businesses a variety of improvements to their business operations as well. 

According to recent studies on workplace trends companies that are allowing for more remote work are experiencing a turnover rate that is 25% lower than businesses that operate in traditional office spaces. One of the greatest benefits to adding in workplace mobility ensures that there could be a broad scope of new applications for modern business, especially with employee morale.

As we now have access to faster connections and better forms of communication technology, it’s been possible to embrace mobility and to ensure that collaboration can still take place over a new networked system of work. Workplace mobility is offering a massive number of changes for businesses and some of these top advantages for the average employee:

Cutting Commutes

One of the greatest commutes that many employees have is the length of their commute and having to commute to the office each day. With the average American employee stuck in their vehicle for at least one hour each day, people are losing tens of hours each month just on their daily transportation. Workplace mobility eliminates the need for a commute and this ensures that workers are able to spend more time doing their jobs or enjoying a better work-life balance. 

Quality-of-life Improvements

Workplace mobility leads to a simplification of work, time management, transportation, and more can be much more easily over collaboration tools rather than having to organize a time to all meet in an office space, travel for business, or go out for lunch, time can be much more efficient. Remote employees are often much more satisfied and productive workers. They have better time management skills because they don’t have to spend so much time on tasks that fall in between actual work. It gets easier to plan out work accordingly and schedule their hours in a way that suits them the best for productivity. 

Improvements in Productivity

Workplace mobility results in a massive spike in productivity. In ongoing studies between traditional workers and remote workers, it was determined that the same employee was 77% more productive when they were working at home. Working on-site requires different types of organization, private conversations, and extra time that can be wasted. Remote work encourages the idea of working efficiently as employees can finish their tasks and then enjoy an improved work and life balance. 

A Reduction in Costs

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of workplace mobility is the cost reduction that you can experience for your business. Cutting expenditures and making sure that a business can operate more effectively can offer a massive reason to reduce costs. When employees can access flexible workspaces, they’ll be able to get the equipment that they need and at massively reduced costs. Being able to get digital devices, phone lines, conference rooms, and more can be crucial, and having all of this can make sure that remote workers are able to get what they need without substantial upgrades on the business side. Employees also won’t have to waste their time and money commuting and this leads to cost savings all around.

Independence For Your Employees

Mobility was something that was heavily discouraged in the past as many people were forced to bring their own devices. Today, the bring your own device policy has become much more normal. Employees are able to use their own laptops and have access to the resources that they need to do their job in any location. Employees become more accessible when they are using their own devices and it’s possible for them to establish a form of independence that helps them learn how they work most effectively. Employees that are much more familiar with their tools are also able to waste less time at work at experience a shorter training curve.

Talent Acquisition

A mobile workspace improves talent acquisition by giving you access to a greater pool of employees. You can promote better competition in the workplace and make sure that you’re hiring the best people who are interested in sticking with your company long-term. The workplace is reducing turnover rates in the office and making sure that the most talented people are working in the field. Being able to draw from a larger talent pool also gives you the option to hire internationally and use a remote team that can work in different time zones. This can maximize the productivity of your team while also making sure you can access new markets.

Workplace mobility is bringing a tremendous amount of change and power into the modern workplace and throughout new health restrictions in business, it’s becoming a norm that many businesses are seeing advantages in. If you have never considered this form of work for your own business, now is the time to reap the benefits. Contact us today to learn more!