A workspace rental can be very beneficial for people who find it difficult to commute to and from work.  Employees have to commute to work every day because of air pollution, noise pollution, and the risk of accidents.

On average, residents spend an hour and a quarter per day traveling to work. This amounts to 330 hours lost each year, not including business trips. Although it is difficult to quantify the actual costs of employee delays or time spent on transport, it is clear that they have a negative effect on employees’ productivity. Teleworking, or homeworking, is one solution to this problem. It can be difficult to work from home due to a lack of space. Finding a workspace rental is the answer.

The occasional workspace rental can prove to be useful: an appointment at another end of the city? It is much better to rent a furnished office in the closest rental space, rather than returning to the office and spending an hour driving. It saves time and is good for employee well-being. This principle applies in the case of transport difficulties or appointments in the provincial areas. Production is more efficient and effective when there are plenty of workspaces available. Employees value projection at work, organizational culture, and technology. However, they also place great importance on the physical space where they live most of their day.

There are many options for occasional office space rental: private offices shared offices and co-working. It is also possible to rent meeting rooms, training rooms, seminar rooms, or desks. This can be difficult for companies to manage when trying to find a place to work. With our low prices, we are able to compare offers. In just a few clicks, everyone can find the best service for them and their budget.

Companies offer to rent offices and rooms in order to reduce their real estate expenses. If spaces aren’t fully occupied, these “providers”, which can be financially inefficient, may decide to rent out rooms or offices at the last minute. This will allow them to connect with potential users.

The benefits of these new collaborative offers are that they simplify life for both employees and companies. Employees can be certain to find available space and go there right away. It is difficult to predict, even several days ahead, when we will require a workroom at what time and where it will be located.

These new players in the workspace rental industry have noticed the need for flexibility and optimization of occupancy rates. They are now able to offer spaces that can be adapted to modern work modes, digital, and more flexible than ever. Call us today for information on a workspace rental!