There are other options if you do not want to use your address as your company address. Signature Workspace provides a physical address for business service. Learn more about the reasons you might want to team up with us.

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Many home-based (or remote or road) business owners face a dilemma, as they operate their business at their homes. If you have a remote-based business, or are thinking about starting one in the future, you might question the need for a “physical address for business.” Some remote-based business owners may consider not having a physical business address, particularly if they run a service business in which clients can contact them online or by phone and do not need to visit their office. However, having a “physical address for business” can boost credibility. Some remote-based business owners use a P.O. Box. A P.O. Box is a great way to share your business address with others without compromising on privacy or security. But say NO to PO, as it has many pitfalls.

Why Do You Need a Physical Address for Your Company?

You may need a physical business address for a variety of reasons, including:

Credibility and trustworthiness. Some clients will avoid businesses who do not provide a contact address or only have a P.O. People may be concerned that businesses with no physical address might disappear. If your business is a service, presenting potential clients with an address where they can reach you could help build trust and credibility.

Professional image. Home-based businesses may find it difficult to overcome the perception of a business owner working from bed in pajamas. Your business will look more professional with a physical address.

Meeting place for clients. It’s possible to meet with clients in their offices or at your local café, but if you need to hold a lot client meetings, it may be worth investing in your own meeting place. A place to meet with clients can help your business build credibility and trust, as well enhance its professional image.

How do I get an address?

There are several options if you want a “physical address for business” without maintaining an actual office space. Although there are costs involved, they are still far less than renting a physical office.

Virtual office space. Virtual business addresses, also known as virtual office spaces, provide a professional-looking “physical address for business” for your mailings. Many of these spaces offer other features, including receptionist services, meeting rooms, and more.

Boxes. Boxes. Boxes. The number sign (#), followed by your P.O. Box number, is the most common way to address a box. The number of your P.O. Box address. These’stores,’ which are usually located in strip malls with short leases, may be here today and gone tomorrow. These stores may not be around tomorrow. Each store is owned independently, meaning that they are independently operated. There are no two alike. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Registered Agent

A physical address may be required by law in one specific situation: If you are registering your business in the state where you have registered, as an LLC, corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership, then you must have a registered office address.

Registered agent is someone your business has chosen to receive important documents related to it, such as government notices and court papers (also called “service of process”)

In many small businesses, the registered agent is a member of that LLC. The registered agent’s address will be the location of the business. If you are operating an LLC from your home, it may not be ideal, since the registered agent address is public information. P.O. P.O. Boxes don’t work in these cases because a P.O. A P.O. Box cannot be used as the registered agent’s location. If you run your LLC from your home, and you don’t want your address to be listed on public documents, you can appoint someone else to act as your registered agents. A third-party can be either an individual such as an lawyer, or a business that offers registered agent services. On Point provides notary, witnessing, and onsite virtual assistance services in addition to Registered Agent.

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The Team at Signature Workspace

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