Gen Z Working Demographic

Research shows that Gen Z values working, but that the workplace must adapt to meet their needs. Here are the top priorities the youngest generation expects out of a rentable office space.

One coveted demographic has been a moving target during the talent crisis and pandemic. The most willing generation to move for better pastures is the youngest. A survey of almost 5,000 workers found that Gen Z respondents were nearly twice as likely to report they would be leaving their job in the next six-months, 24% to 13% for Boomers.

The big question is: How do you attract and keep the young workers at your rentable office space? The same global research provides some insights. Understanding the needs of younger generations may allow us to improve our work experience.

The rentable office space is more valued by younger generations, but they require more privacy and flexibility than the pre-pandemic offices offered.


Gen Z has valued the shared office space since the beginning, even before the pandemic. Our research showed that younger generations are more positive about the workplace and what it can offer, as well as why they feel the need for it.

The workplace is a resource for Gen Z workers. It provides the right tools, better technology access and the best opportunity to be recognized for advancement. Gen Z workers believe that the workplace is the best place to be seen, heard and appreciated. Research shows that Gen Z employees are more concerned about corporate alignment in social innovation and environmental issues than most. They are interested in having a voice in the company’s views on social issues, and believe that the office is the best place for them to do so.


Gen Z is tech-savvy and integrates technology into their lives more effectively. Gen Z is the first generation to have been raised entirely in the tech age. This makes it crucial that they have access to tech that can make their lives easier. It is important that tools not only be available but also work seamlessly.

The space must change beyond the tech and social benefits of the rentable coworking space. Gen Z is looking for areas that encourage social interaction. Gen Z wants a variety of spaces for collaboration and team building. They also want areas where they can arrange to provide different levels of privacy.

Intuitive and integrated technology allows for seamless digital interaction, which is something that younger generations want in their rentable office space.

While the design of a new workplace will be different, there are five key things that younger workers consider most important. These were all rated significantly higher by younger generations.

  • 75% Privacy
  1. 68% – Collaboration stations that enable virtual work collaboration
  2. 66%: Standalone workstations (Pods/Enclaves)
  3. 66% Single-person enclaves that allow remote meetings
  4. 63% – Workstations that are reservable

Why It Matters

Research shows that those who enjoy working in their office are less likely to move and are more connected to the company culture. This is regardless of their generational differences. Gen Z is the fastest-growing segment of the workforce. Gen Z is most excited about working in person. However, the rentable office space must live up to these expectations.

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