As we enter back into a state of normality after COVID-19, a new question looms in the workplace, which is more productive, a rented office space or working remote?

Productivity can play a critical role in determining if a company succeeds or fails. Although efficiency is often used interchangeably with productivity, there are subtle differences. Efficiency is the ability to do more with less. It’s basically the measurement of an employee’s work. To go one step further, workplace productivity refers to getting more done using the same resources.

Experts agree that productivity is a subjective concept that can be defined differently by different organizations. However, there are two key factors that contribute to employee success. The first is productivity, which refers to the work done. The other is productivity, or the work done. Maximizing these factors will ensure that work is done quickly and maximize workplace productivity.

Productivity increases efficiency in the workplace. It will look different for every company. It should be defined in accordance with your business objectives. Who needs high productivity and efficiency? In a sales company, productivity might be measured by sales or profits. It might not be about the number or quality of tasks completed, but the achievement of specific goals.

What business benefits are there from increasing efficiency? Everyone, including:

  • Consumers: High-productivity companies are more able to satisfy consumer demand.
  • The organization: Increased productivity leads to increased competitiveness, profitability and growth.
  • Employers: Profitable, growing companies offer more stability for their employees. Companies that promote productivity create optimal work environments.

Rented Office Space Or Home?

There has been much discussion about workplace productivity since the outbreak of the pandemic. According to some studies, the “Great Remote Work Experiment”, which saw an increase in productivity among people who worked from home, may have been responsible for some of the most significant increases in productivity. Others support the need for a physical rented office space. Which one is the best?

Traditional Office: Why Use The Office?

Although the office is not going anywhere, it is changing. When it comes to productivity, some work is best done in a traditional office setting.

An extensive, peer-reviewed study on the effects of Microsoft’s work from home order to their 61,100+ U.S workers revealed that they spent 25% less time working with other groups. Teams became more isolated and communicated less often with other teams. Eventually, less information was shared throughout the company.

This highlights the importance of traditional offices for collaboration, project-based work and connectivity between employees. Studies have shown the power of casual conversation. Water cooler meetings are not as wasteful as you might think. Unplanned meetings can be a great way to increase productivity. It not only lowers stress but also helps with focus and engagement.

Glenn Becker is the CEO of Signature Workspace. he can attest to how workers feel when they interact with their coworkers. He says, “As someone who thrives on people and my environment, this has been an extremely difficult last year and half.”

“I get a certain amount of energy from getting up in the morning, driving to work with my morning cup of coffee, and talking with my coworkers,” he said. “Just watching other people working on projects, and bustling around the office, makes me more productive.” I enjoy the time I can save in FL traffic, and the flexibility. But there’s something about the office that I find inspiring.

Home Office: Why Home?

Although the traditional office plays a significant role in workplace productivity, remote work is equally important. Becker recalls his experience working remotely as “sometimes working from home can provide quiet environments with fewer distractions that can really be great for heads down work.”

This is supported by research. More than 30,000 workers were tracked in a study that covered the period May 2020 to March 2021. The data shows that six out of ten employees said that working remotely was more productive than they expected. Further, 40% of employees reported that they were more productive when they worked from home.

Individual, focused work seems to be the best type of work for home-based workloads. However, it has its downsides.

During the pandemic, Becker learned a valuable lesson that every company should incorporate into their efforts to support productivity of employees who work remotely.

He recalls, “What I didn’t anticipate was how valuable human interaction was to me both personally as well as professionally.” “I was used to going to at least three to four company events a year, where my interactions with other leaders of our company were regular. This important time was important to me, and I felt like I wasn’t important.

He continues, “It is important to create a culture that encourages remote work and promotes productivity.” It’s important to create a culture that encourages employee engagement and loyalty.

Can Signature Workspace Help Your Business Have Better Productivity At Work?

Both work environments can support high productivity, but the truth is that both are capable of doing so. There’s more to the story. Only 28% of American office workers had returned to work by June 2021. One thing is clear: Employees want flexibility.

It’s important to reach out to employees to ask them where they do the best work in these uncertain times. Don’t assume that every work can be done in one place. Instead, create an office that people want and support employees to make sure they are productive and effective regardless of whether they are in a traditional rented office space setting or at home.

It’s crucial to embrace flexibility in the workplace. This strategy allows you to make it easier and more productive for employees to work. Signature Workspace is the best example of this strategy. 

Signature Workspace offers fully-equipped solutions in Tampa with two locations on Dale Mabry and Northdale and Clearwater. You can use shared workspaces, private office spaces, conference rooms as you need them, virtual offices, and many other options all equipped with everything you need from furniture to wireless Internet. This is an affordable and viable option for many companies. There are many options for finding a rented office space. However, the best possible bet is to contact Signature Workspace in Tampa and see what our clients have to say!