Balance between work and life is not just a trendy phrase. Remote Work-Life balance is about balancing your personal and professional life, something we all strive for. While remote work-life has been discussed for years, the pandemic has made it a more pressing issue.

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Misconceptions And Challenges Of Remote Work

You may have heard that remote work is easy and you can do it in your pajamas.

Many people believe that remote work can be easy and relaxing. After all, it’s not like you have to dress up for work. You can also do personal tasks on the job. And you can take a nap if you want.

Remote Work Poses Unique Challenges To Work-Life Integration

This is a problem because there’s no separation between your personal and work space. It’s a sure way to “work creep” your personal time into the evenings.

It can be difficult to separate work from personal life. The lines between work and personal life can become blurred when there is no commute or flextime.

It is difficult to socialize and take breaks during the day. There are no natural spaces for socializing, such as the lunchroom. Taking a break is a conscious decision.

How To Create Remote Work Life Balance

Work-life balance is not something that will happen by itself.

Try these ideas:

1. Take breaks

Both your brain and body need a rest. You may be tempted to work through the day, but a break can help you re-energize and focus better.

When working from home, it is more difficult to take a break when there are less reasons to do so. For example, grabbing a coffee with a coworker or going out for lunch.

What can you do in an hour when there is no one else around?

Here are some ideas.

Try a home workout or go for a stroll. Include movement in your daily routine! For inspiration, check out these desk exercises to improve your health.

Plan a lunch with a colleague, friend or neighbor.

It takes time to cook something new, but it gives you an opportunity for creativity!

2. Separate work and home life

Both physically and mentally, remote workers have no separation between work and home. When your work is literally right in your living area, it can be difficult to disconnect. Here are some tips to help you:

Create separation at home by creating a separate workspace (i.e. A desk or office is better than a kitchen table.

Mental separation can be achieved by planning your day carefully and turning off work at the end.

Think about flexible workspaces or coworking spaces. These are great for remote workers, as they allow you to physically separate from your work and have a place where you can get up and leave every day or just a few times a week. It is important to leave your house in order to achieve a balance between work and life.

3. Create a routine

Routines help you identify your priorities. List the things you consider important in your day.

  • Enjoy family meals together.
  • Exercise routines
  • Social Activities
  • Hobbies and pastimes

Compare your list with your daily routine. Align your daily schedule with your priorities, and make sure to give yourself time for the things that are important to you.

4. Speak to your colleagues and boss.

It can be helpful to discuss work-life balance in a team with your boss.

You can ask questions like:

What is the policy of your company regarding overtime?

Does your boss or manager send you emails or messages after-hours or during the night?

What is the culture of your company regarding work-life balance and how do you promote it?

These questions can help you to clarify what your employer expects of you. Then you can decide if the workplace is a good fit for your needs and work-life balance.

Talk to your colleagues about ways you can liven up your meetings. You can add some fun into your next Zoom Meeting. You can engage with your colleagues and create a casual, fun atmosphere. The importance of social interaction and connection is crucial for a work-life balance.

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5. Find a partner to hold accountable

You have to be diligent if you want to achieve a remote work-life balance. It can be difficult to achieve this goal alone. You can achieve your goals by finding an accountability partner.

What could this be? You could:

This person can help you stay on track by checking in with you to make sure that your work is completed at the time you agreed upon. This person can make sure you log off at the agreed-upon time.

Apps or software programs. Some time management techniques and tools can help you keep on track. Prioritizing your work can help you prioritize your personal life!

To achieve remote work-life harmony, you need to be intentional and take conscious action. This is a subject that deserves more attention, as it’s important for your mental and physical well-being. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Make work-life balance your priority.

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